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Monday, June 30, 2008

New Pics

Like I promised I am now posting the kids school pics from this year. I know, I know, I"ve been saying for awhile now that I'd put them up here, but my scanner was down, but up and running now....so enjoy. All is well here in our humble aboad. Getting ready for our vacation adventure and the kids are just jumping out at the seams to get going. They keep reminding me that I promised them a summer vacation since I was going to school the first part of the summer and they know its over now. Today was my last day of school. I just had finals and I suppose it went okay. On the oral part which is just me and my professor signing back and forth I got a 96 and I'm still waiting on my written part to post tonight or in the morning. I'm not sure how I feel considering it was over 50 Chapters on the book that we never go over, Your just expected to read it. Nathan is doing so so on his new meds. I can see I'm on the right track with having him on a medication for his ADHD, but pretty sure that Adreal isn't the drug for him. It seems to be making him more hyper than he already is and thats not good. Its not helping our situation. His focus is a tad better, but keeping him calm is another story. He's just not rational. So, I think that uping the Adreal to 10 or even 14 mgs will make these problems worse. I know from personal experiance that meds are just a waiting game and it really sucks. And since its him taking them and not me I can't say for sure how he's feeling on them. I can only go on what I see. I"ve had to change my meds 5 or 6 times not including having to change when I got pregnant with Nich. SO, hopfully the Dr and I can get this all worked out. Well, for now thats all, but be checking back in every few days and see whats going on..Hopefully all is well with everyone and know that each of you are in our prayers.

Sunday, June 29, 2008

New Experiances

Well so many of you said they didn't like the last color I picked my last blog. SO, hopefully this one is better. So, new exeriances....Nathan was dignoised with AD/HD which is Attention Deffiect/Hyperactivity Disorder. The doctor put him on 5 mg of Addreall and within 24 I'd know is he tolates the med and how they affect him. These meds keep him irrational and no able to focos and a little aggressive. I can't chance that if we up this med to 10 of more that it won't make the cons worse.ANd if its helping him to stay focused a little, to me its still no even worth it. So, I'm gonna call the dr tomorrow and give him the low down and hopeflly they put him on a different brand we'll see. I've heard alot of folks not able to have success with Adderell so well see what happends next. I have finals tomorrow at 1 and then I'm done with school till at least the fall. ASL 4. I'm gonna miss this rotuine. I luved being that kind of busy and now my busy will change to something else.Going out of town form the 4-28 so that will give me an oppurnity to change rotuines. The kids are excited.I'm just dreading the driving were gonna have to do to go to all the places I'd like to go on this ONE TIME vacation. Well, enough for now.....

Friday, June 27, 2008

Gettin somewhere

Nathan had his apt with the psychristriat today. He was erally nich and evualatued him and made to choice that Nathan has ADHD and through meds and Behavioraly Therpary Well have a major improvemt from whats going on now. Natallie still whats to play the Fiddle as good as the song the deveil even down to Gergia. WELL SEEE!!!!!! Nathan told the Dr today that he wanted to be an motorcycle man just his his popply and the he was gonna get his own bike soon and was ready to see it. Natalie just wants a horse. TO each is own.
Gatta go

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Things @ hand.....

Well, today went okay. I was able to get some things done around here and even get the kids up the pool for a few hrs. They had a blast.Nich has turned into a water baby. Whatever that means, but honestly he loves being in the water. And the bonus...He loves his life vest. He wears it 24/7 . Does not want to part from it. Nates Pshrinc appt is today. He hasn't a clue bout it but let me say that I'm go grateflu that this all worked out so that I could get some answers. I know it may take months or years to get the right answers, but at least i'm gonna be on the right path of figuring him out. Instead of waiting 10 years and its to late. Natalie wants to learn how to play the FIDDLE. You know the song -Deveil WENT DOWN TO GEORGIA!!! She wants to be able to play that way. So I incurraged her and told her to ask her dad and we could maybe try to see if there is anyone out there that gives fiddle leassons. not much else to say

Friday, June 20, 2008


Well, the suspense is over I finally posted those new pics I've been saying for a week I'd post. Like everyone knows Geoff has been out in the field and so I've really had to reason to be in any hurry since this blog is really for him...Sorry everyone. My mother in law just left here yesterday and I'm grateful for her help with the kids. I'm sure she's ejoying her peace and quite. Thanks Roberta for all u did for me this week the kids had a blast with Grandma. Nich can now say grandma or he says "nanma". So, a new word. My BFF Julie Watson is here now with her 4 kids and were lookin forward to tons of fun. Geoff should be in contact this weekend and were lookin forward to having him check in. Well, the kids are driving me crazy right now and need to keep them out of NICHS Room he's trying to get to sleep. Chat more laters...

Monday, June 16, 2008

Been Awhile

Well, I know its been awhile since I've written just had a lot going on over here. Updates.....Nates hearing checked out and thats not our problem. So, I've checked this off my list of things. The audiologist said that he had a small amount of clear fluid behind the ear, but its causing no problems with hearing. Its his allergys flushing through there. Points more and more towards ADD/ADHD. The social worker I took him too was somewhat helpful. She evualted him and ruled out a lot of different things, but came to the conclusion that it is one of two things depression or ADD. Tricare got us an appointment with a child psychistriat and our appointment is June 27th so I'll know more. Geoff is still on his mission and haven't had much of any communication here and there to let me know he's okay. Hopefully I'll hear from him on Friday. Nattie and Nich are doing well. They seem to be dealing with Geoff gone well. Nattie of course has her days when she's sad, but I just deal with it as it comes along. Some of the times this happens I've lucked out and Geoff has been able to contact us at some point during that day and it helps her feel better. I guess thats proff that Heavenly Father knows us and hears our prayers. He know just what she needs when she needs it. I'm in deed grateful. I just got Nich some new shoes today. I noticed the other day that there was a good size blister on his foot and that his shoes were a little small so I got him new ones. Its hard to find him shoes because he's pigeon toed and he needs special arches. I'm just gonna have to have orthodics made to fit his feet. Roberta is here this week and being a huge help while I'm in school these next four days. I have 2 weeks left and then I'll take a much needed break. I luv school, but the kids are really needing my attention and I expected that especially since school is over and were here 24/7. Haven't decided where or when our vacations will happen still a work in progress. Waitin on my parents to close on there house they just purchased in Tennessee. I'll have new pics of the kids posted this week. In no hurry with Geoff in the field. Update is now finished.....

Monday, June 9, 2008

Nathan: Update....

Today I was able to get Nathan an appt with a Social Worker. I have yet to understand why Tricare gave me the name of a Social Worker, but Gennie (my sister in-law) informs me that its not such a bad place to start. So, I have some hope left that all is not lost. She told me that she'll be able to give me a clue as to if he may have ADD/ADHD in 45 mins. So, that'll be nice. His ENT appt is still on Friday at 9:30 with his dr that put in his first set of tubes. I'm praying that by the end of the week I'll have at least some idea as to whats going on with Nathan. We were invited over to the Well's home for dinner and FHE tonite. It was nice to get to be around another family and eat at a dinner table. Geoff is away on another mission and he should be back to Camp Spann around the 20th or so. Natalie is doing really well considering that school is out and not having that stimulation. She's always kissing and hugging me and just needing that attention. ITs been nice too. As for me, I did back into someone on Tuesday and I'm still dealing with the insurance company with that. I know what your thinkin..."how did that happen?" It was must me that was in the car I had just dropped the boys off at Mckenizies house. And her driveway is really small and the roads are smaller. I didn't anticipate how long my SUV was and I cut the wheel as far as it would go and I still backed into her. It just dent her car. A perfect dent the size of the corner of my bumper. THis didn't phase my car at all. No dent or scratch. But anyway thats my week. I'm in the middle of midterms with my class and studying for that. Getting late here and need to go to bed.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Just another day

Well, today I got my referals to Dr Slaughter Nate's ENT that put his tubes in. I also got a referal to a speech therapist I'm thrilled about this one. Of course and as far as the phychologist goes for ADD testing I choose one I'm gonna call tomorrow and see when I can get him in and go ahead and start the screening for ADD and get an appt with the ENT. Do it all at one time. I'm anxious to see what happens with everything. Geoff is on a mission that has him away till about the 20th. So, I won't hear from him until then. Natalies last day of school was today and see was PROMOTED to grade 1 of couse, I never doubted that she wouldn't be. I'm gonna scan in her and the boys school pics and the 2 pics of Nattie I got today with her in ther graduation outfit and one with her teach Mrs Carson. They are both really good. Thank goodness I survived this week and this was my last week of using stay at home moms for sitters. The next few weeks will be my normal sitters in HS. And of course my mother in law will be helping out the week of the 21st. So, thats all for now.....

Wednesday, June 4, 2008


Well, its already June and almost 100 days into this deployment and boy and I thankful for that. This week has been filled with all kinds of chaos. School for me is going well and the distraction is great. We have had a sub all week. Dan is a great teacher. I'm learning so much from him. Pro. Bridges will be back next week and we'll see how that goes. I've been really blessed these past two week and was able to get stay at home moms to watch the kids while I go school during the day. School is out tomorrow for Natalie and that means my babysitter will be AVAILABLE and I'm glad for that. Today, was the day of all days....I pulled out @ the house I took the boys too and backed into a ladys car that she had parked on the street. The street was small and narrow and the driveway was short I guess I under estimated the length of my car. My car not a scratch on it and the little Honda Accord is dented on the right side. It suxs but I guess I'm due for an accident. Haven't had one in a while. Most of the time I"m going fast or get hit. THis time I was barely moving so thats positive. I've also noticed that Natan may have ADD. I took him to my doctor today and got referrals to an audiologist, pshychologist, ENT, and Speech Therapist. I want to get his hearing checked to see if tubes need to go in now and if this is the problem for the ADD like symtoms. Speech Thera. because nathan has a small speech impedament that can totally be corrected with some work. And of course the physocologist so that I can have him diagnoised.He has to be the hardest kid to deal with. He is extremely exhasuting and honestly I hope we get this diagnoised so that I can get him started on Meds or whatever so that he and I can survive this deployment. He is definaly making this time by myself double hard. Geoff is in denial because he doesn't want to think that he may have this, but I have to figure this out weather I like the outcome or not. I don't want him to have this anymore than Geoff does. It is what it is. Soon, we'll now the doctor told me that she was gonna put a rush on those referrals so that I could get the treatment started soon. Thats it for now....

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