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Monday, November 3, 2008

Long Time Comin

Well.....I've had tons of requests for the lastest Dennis update and so I actually found time to sit and write. We have been so busy. Now, where to begin....Natalie is doing very well in school and enjoying learning to read although keepin her room clean is another story. She and Nathan recently learned how to ride there bikes without training wheels and I tell u they are ridin machines. Nathan is doing well with his medicne that helps control is ADHD and were actually able to all live under one roof. He's still lovin preschool of course his current intrest is his bike which didn't have a kick stand but he's nagged me to death enough to where I finally broke down and got one. He's so fascinated with it..and yes I put it on by myself. I have many hidden talents and being somewhat of a small handy "women" is now one of them. Now to NICHOLAS....by now most of you know that the little monkey broke his elbow in 2 places last tuesday. He was jumping of my bed and landed in a pushup position and it did some damage. He is still in a splint as I am still trying to work things out with the pediatric orthopedic we saw on saturday morn. Geoff was just recently home for RR and we all really had a good time. Geoff also felt the need to purchase a new truck while he was home. A 2007 black toyota tundra. And its is BABY....Nich's favorite phrase is "want daddy". He got very attached to geoff while he was home. He's adjusting to his splint just fine. Givin him a bath is another issue. I'm doing okay just trying to stay busy we only have 36 days left. Getting all excited bout the "Twilight" premeire movie on the 21st. I've been reading a ton of books while geoffs been gone I think my count is up to 15 or so. Of course, all vampire novels since I've become a little obsessed with Twilight. Thats bout all for now that I want to write about I'm so tired and want to get some reading in before I hit the hay. I promise I won't be so long getting to the next post and thanks so much for checkin in often. And sorry for the wait...until then....

Wednesday, September 17, 2008


Hey everyone.....I know I've been telling you guys that I would get on here and do this but I've honestly been really busy. Lets see where to begin...The kids are doing really well in school and each loves there teacher and are loving being with friends. We have officialy taken the binky away...Haven't had it 2-3 days he asks for it but I honestly don't know where it is. Its been hard a major adjustment since it has been a since of security for him. He just kept bitting the nipple off and stopped getting them. Nathan started t-ball and loves it, of course. He's learning how that he has to play outfield as well as in and he's not sure bout that. Natalie started gymnastics today and was so glad that she's back into it again. I now wish I'd put her in t-ball too and think thats what I'm gonna do next year. She's really a tom boy like me and she loves watchin Nate play. I decided to drop my class. It was one of the hardest decisions I've made during this time, but I felt it was the best thing to do. I'm trying to get things in order for Geoffs mid tour leave so that we can put our house on the market when he heads back. Plus I had a lot of major video assignments due the week he was home and I felt I wouldn't do well since I'm gonna be so absorbed with him here. Just had to much on my plate, but I will resume with my classes at TCC when I move. I felt it was probably best to get that start math test I have to pass so that I don't have to do remedial math anymore. SO, i'm taking care of that. Were down to 28 days till he comes for a visit and the kids are counting down the days. I've been so absorbed in books. I hate to read and lately I've read like 12 books in 2 months and I'm re reading the Twilight series again for round 2. Mrs. Jones would be so proud...huh, mom? That poor women wanted me to like Reading and never took to it. Its given me another place I can go to. I've been working out at the Gym 3 days a week. I'm training for a 5 mile run so I'm runnin 3-4 miles a day and doing some weights. Lost bout 15 lbs. Well, I think this is all thats been going on here we send our luv to everyone. I'll post pics in the morn I have to go finish my book and i'm honestly sorry for the wait.
Luv You Guys

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Finally.....Back to NORMAL!

I think this week will bring our lives back to normal....somewhat. Natalie starts school this week. She found out on Thurs. who her teacher is. Its Mrs. Brandon. Shes a lovely lady. She's a grandma and has been teaching for 45 years. She reminds me of Mammaw Peg. You just wanna hug her. The V.P of the school goes to ur church and I talk to her all the time. She told me that Mrs. Brandon is extremley challangeing and is a wonderful teacher. 3 of her friends from her church class will be sitting next her and I'm sure they will all be seperated after the first week. They luv to chit chat. She's looking forward to tomorrow, and so am I. I go back on Thurs. I am really excited to be gettin my life somewhat back with the different things I'll be doing this semister. My GPA is a 3.4 and trust me I've been studying my butt off to keep it that high. Nathan starts back Sept 2 and he is busting at the seems to get back to seeing his friends that have been with him since he was 18 mon. Especially Jonathan. He'll be so sad when we move next yr. My dad is here right now and has helped me tons by getting some excellant curb appeal in the front. My garage is fully organized and we successfully moved MAC to the back yard. Geoff called at the butt crack of dawn this morning and informed me that his R&R dates got moved back from OCT 1 to OCT 15. So, were thinkin he'll leave round the 14th or so so that he'll be here sometime that weekend. The 15th is on a wednesday. THE ARMY DOES SOME CRAZY STUFF! Were looking forward to him getting here. Once school starts back the time (hopefully) will fly.Well I'm adding our latest pics of the kids and things. ENJOY!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008


Well, today is my birthday.....27 isn't that nice. Soon i'll be knocking on 30's door. Geoff said not to worry that i'm still in 20's. Geoff is out of the field for now, but returns on the 26-29ish. We should be hearing bout R&R this next week to see what the dates are and flight schedule. I'm totally excited...didn't think I would be since him leaving the first time was so hard, but the kids are going to love haveing daddy here. Not much is goin on here. I pulled the carpet up in my closet all byself on Monday and I think I'm still realing from it. I'm going to lay vinyl in there so that my bathroom matches the closet. My dad is coming for a visit on Friday and will be staying until Monday. He's gonna go with us to take Natalie to school on the first day. She was bummed that Geoff wasn't gonna be here so I asked my dad if he would come and go with us. He's driving his Harley down and u know the kids are so excited to be getting to see it again. Nathan especially. I decided to up Nates meds and its working beautifully and I think now we acting more like a 4 yr old thats "normal" than a 4 yr old that is ADHD and out of control. Thats good for mom. The boys start school the week after labor day and I'm ready. I go back on the 28th and really excited to be getting back to what I luv. I took the 2nd summer session off and now I'm regreting that decision since I'm out of practice. I've been working out 4-5 days a week and I listen to my MP3 player and sign the songs and thats about all the practice I've been getting. The sunday before last the primary (childrens sunday school) asked me to sign a song or to for them and that was fun. They were just captivated by the movements of my hands. All eyes on me...something I have to get used to. Nathan had behavior therapy today and it went really really well. Were working on a few things. He's learning how to not intrupt me when I'm not able to get to him and his magic words are "Excuse me, Mom..." so thats been nice he's been doing really good so far today. The other thing is dealing with being so aggressive with me and his siblings. This is still a work in progress so nothing positive to report yet. Well thats it for now...and for my dear husband (if he's reading) I miss u and luv u infinity X's infinity and that trumps anything.

Monday, August 11, 2008


Life is passing us by here very fast. I didn't realize that I haven't updated my blog in awhile. I guess thats in due to the fact that the main reason I started a blog was for Geoff to read while he's away and I've gotten to talk to him pretty much everyday on the phone and on the computer before I go to bed. I can't remember what I updated in my last blog, but I'll do my best to repeat myself. Not sure if I've put in any of my blogs that Nich is an escape artist. He has figured out how to unlock the front door lock and dead bolt and has ended up at the neighbors house while I take potty breaks. And he's gotten to where he can open the door slightly so to where u can't even hear it squeek when he leaves. So, my neighbor put in a sliding dead bolt. Its high so it should do the trick. Trying to keep him in has proven to be my challange in this life. And trying to keep from having a heart attack when realize he's gone. I have to keep an extra eye on him for that very reason. His new favoriate phrase right now is "Thats Disguisting." He says that about everything. At least he says whats on his mind, right. Were in the process of changing Nathan's psychrisist. Had a bad a experiance this week with him and were gonna start getting our meds through our family doctor because there are no other specialist in our area that are coverd by Tricare. He starts speech therapy on Thursday and I luv his therapist, Amy. So, I'm excited to see the progress he'll make with that. He has protustion of the toungue from being on a sippy cup for to long so were curently in the process of pulling him off those. Natalie lost another tooth today that she pulled herself. This is the second tooth that she's pulled herself. Thats her thrill in life right now is to pull her own teeth when there ready. She is anticipating school starting in 2 weeks and I'm right there with her. My dad is coming up on the 23 so that he can go with us on Nattie's first day of school. She is so excited. She's already given him directions to the school and informed him that they can't be late on the first day of school. Geoff comes home for R & R hopefully the first week of Oct. for 14 days. Got tons of stuff to do so that we can get this house ready to sell so that we can move when he gets back. Alls well with me I'm in the middle of reading the last book in the "Twilight" series and soon will be finished and I hate it. Its given such a "get away" from my lifes madness. My babysitter, Melanie, who happens to be a great friend of our family just put in her two weeks notice at her HEB job so that she can sit for me when needed. She's gonna sit for me on Thurs nights so that i can go to school and then one other night a week so that I can do what I want and get a small break. So, I'm excited. I'm thinking I should've been doing that all along, getting away one night a week. Thats what I get for not asking for help I guess. I guess this is a small glimpse into whats been going on in our lives for the last few weeks or so.......check in soon.

Monday, July 28, 2008

A Day Closer

At Least were another day closer to Geoff finaly being home. I try to take the kids to the pool every afternoon before our bedtime routine so that they wear down for bed. That seems to help things run smoother. The other day we were in walmart and I was down asile 4 which is the sauce aisle. (thats nuts right,that I know exactly which aisle is which!) Anyway, I was getting spaghatti stuff and Natalie says mom i need a new bra. I loook at her and say u don't wear bras. Then as loud as day she yells, I JUST NEED A NEW BRA MOM. IS THAT TO MUCH TO ASK???? People just look at me like I'm this terrible person who won't buy my 6 yr old a new bra. I was mortified. Wish Geoff had been here for that one. He'd have luved that seeing how he just luvs crowds and all....LOL!! Of course nathan has to make his scene in the store too with his needing a new batman toy...and Nich trying to pull everything off the shelf. Its a miracle that I got the 5 things I went in for with everything that was going on and got everyone out ALIVE! Thats my life I guess. The things kids say and Natalie especially is full of wonderful things. Well, we've finally made it to half way were over 150 days. ITs late and I'm turning in now I just had to write about our latest adventure to Walmart.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Playing In the Rain

Well, not much to write about seeins how we just got home from vacation. The kids are keeping me very busy with tryin to entertaintain them for the rest of the summer. Its been raining her for the past two days so the only source of fun is well....playing in the rain. I used to do this a child and have very fond memories of it. My sister and I used to sit and watch the rain for hours. My kids do the very same thing. They pull chairs or Geoffs cots up under the front porch and watch and play in the rain. I'll try to get some pics of this cause I luv seeing them enjoy mother nature in all its beauty. I got out with the kids yesterday and took the boys to get hair cuts at Geoffs barber. If we don't make it up to Camp Maybry (which is Nates favorite place to get hair cuts) then we go to Geoffs barber up in town. They luv it I think because they get succers at the end. A little incentive to be good. We also made a trip to home depot so that I could take a look at the vinyl so that I can lay it in our closet. Gatta get some hom inprovements done to this house if were gonna sell when he returns. I talk to Geoff everyday in the morning for 20 mins and this gives the kids time to connect with him. When they go to bed I log onto AKO's IM and chat for 30-45 mins. Its fun and the time passes quickly. His next mission is scheduled for Aug. Probably at the begining because the end is when Ramadan starts and they need to be back because the Intrepretors are Muslim. Geoffs R&R is scheduled for the beginning of Oct and were counting down the days. On Aug 6th we'll have made it 150 days. I feel like were making it to the down slide of this. Geoff says he's not gonna start counting down till he has 99 days left. He says anything more than 100 days seem to far out. Nat and I are anxiously awainting school to start. I'm taking ASL 4 and since I wasn't able to practice much this summer to get back to work on my degree. Since I'm getting things done to the house I'm only taking one class and probably an online test prep class to get me ready to retest for the state math test I have to pass. My ASL class is on Thurs nights so I'll have Tues and Thurs to myself cause the boys are going back to preschool this year. They start the week after labor day weekend. I'm also busy getting baby clothes together. Geoff wants me to mail him 12 to 18 mon clothes so he can give them to one of his intrepretors that he's become good friends with. I think his name is Sadiqe. His daughter is 11 months. Well, I think this is all thats been going on, but were glad that u keep checking in on us. We have an empty hole in our family with Geoff gone, but know that were truly blessed with our sacrifice. I see the blessings pour in daily. I know that when I can't hug or comfort Geoff in his time of need that our Heavnly Father fills the void...how do I know this?? Because he does the same for us. I'm grateful that our prayers are heard and answered even if its not said allowed, but in our hearts. I'm amazed everyday that my children are learning to rely on there Hevenly Father so they can gain this knowledge for themselves. Natalie has such faith and prays often by herself. I've walked in on many prayers and I see a special light about her and am grateful she feels that love everyday.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008


Today was just like any other day here at the Dennis'. I paid bills and let the kids play. I ran over Nates Spiderman bike and he's begging for me to fix it. Not much damage...just broke a pedal and a trainning wheel, but I can't find any tools to remove them. I know that Geoff is probably laughing now because Nates calling in life is to go through dad tools and use the cool ones and toss the others, so we have no tools in one spot. And when I need them I'm screwed. Natalie finaly found the tooth she pulled at gradmas this past weekend. So, toothfairy came. We ventured to the pool to let some energy out and Nich is just a water baby. Just luvin it. My story of the day is about Nich....As I was getting the kids ready for the pool he was in the bathroom.(I thought he was putting on his trunks) I walked in there to check on him and he was up on top of the sink and had bathed in my antibactrial soft soap I keep out. I mean from head to toe he was covered in this soap. He was just smiling and thought that just the funniest thing..Me not so much cause I had to rinse him off before leaving. We had fun and they went to bed early. Thank the good lord for large bodies of water that we can swim in so that children come out exhausted. Alls well just missin our dad to pieces....

Monday, July 21, 2008

Home Again

Were finaly home from our long vacation. We started our journey on the 3rd and went to my in laws which I wrote about already. Made our way down to New Boston to visit with my grandma and visit most of my family there. My aunt jackie even made a trip down while we were there. Heres a pic of Nat with the "night cap" she made out of a shirt. Heres Nat with his version. Off Huntsville we went on the 5th and trust me it was a long drive. Most of you know that after 5 hrs usually I've hit my limit and I'm done, no stopping was in sight till we got there. Then off to Chicago which was fun. Ash is there and our visit was nice. Nat even scored some new school clothes. Unfortunely she has my shopping gene and hates to try on clothes so this was daunting, but we got it done. That adventure was short and sweet then back to Al. we went. They got to do lots of little things with MEME and POPPY, who of course spoiled them rotten. We got to go to a water park that was on the Tenn. River. The kids especially loved this because they have never swam in a river. I know, there deprived...There lives our now full.LOL. Natalie had tons of fun looking for sea shells which we collected tons. Nich is a water baby as u can see. Not wanting any help. He's finaly started to trust his life jacket and moves his feet and hands now. Gatta start somewhere. Nich also celebrated his 2nd b-day. We decided to do a cookie cake since Nat and Nate aren't cake people. There like there dad. Love choc. chip cookies. Our trip was cut short when our Georgia trip was canceled. We were bummed we were lookin forward to seeing that georgia bunch. On our way back to Austin we stoped at my in laws again. We drove 15 hours that day and the kids did excellant. Couldn't have asked for a better trip back. I was so surprised. Nathan's ADHD meds were in affect and I know that helped tons. He's doing good now that we have it under control. Behavior Therapy will help the rest and our lives will be back on track, hopefully. The kids always have fun at Grandma and Pappas trying to help out. Nichs fav. thing to do is push gradma's cart that has all the gardening stuff in it. Nathan loved that pappa has a bow and was in awe of this thing. Guess I know what the next thing he's gonna want besides a motorcycle. He wants to learn how to shoot it. I'm in for it....I also caught a great pic of the boys wresting guess who was winning?? all in all we had a good trip...lets just say that I'm good on road trips for awhile.....

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Some Where Over the Rainbow.....

Well, my title should give u a clue to whats up these days...Our July vacation is under way. The kids are really excited to be able to go somewhere since I was in school and they were home with a sitter the whole month of June. We are already at my inlaws house breaking up our trip to Texarkana to stay with my grandma Peg. Then on Sunday were off to Alabama to MeMe and Poppys house. We just got word today that our next duty station is Ft. Worth, Tx. FUN!! Now I have to figure out a way to still be able to do school. I luv ACC and I get the fall sem. then I have to see about transfering somewhere else....Thus, the Rainbow part of my title. We have a lot of great friends in Denton and we'll be able to reconnect with them and get back to Geoff and I's ROOTS..

Monday, June 30, 2008

New Pics

Like I promised I am now posting the kids school pics from this year. I know, I know, I"ve been saying for awhile now that I'd put them up here, but my scanner was down, but up and running now....so enjoy. All is well here in our humble aboad. Getting ready for our vacation adventure and the kids are just jumping out at the seams to get going. They keep reminding me that I promised them a summer vacation since I was going to school the first part of the summer and they know its over now. Today was my last day of school. I just had finals and I suppose it went okay. On the oral part which is just me and my professor signing back and forth I got a 96 and I'm still waiting on my written part to post tonight or in the morning. I'm not sure how I feel considering it was over 50 Chapters on the book that we never go over, Your just expected to read it. Nathan is doing so so on his new meds. I can see I'm on the right track with having him on a medication for his ADHD, but pretty sure that Adreal isn't the drug for him. It seems to be making him more hyper than he already is and thats not good. Its not helping our situation. His focus is a tad better, but keeping him calm is another story. He's just not rational. So, I think that uping the Adreal to 10 or even 14 mgs will make these problems worse. I know from personal experiance that meds are just a waiting game and it really sucks. And since its him taking them and not me I can't say for sure how he's feeling on them. I can only go on what I see. I"ve had to change my meds 5 or 6 times not including having to change when I got pregnant with Nich. SO, hopfully the Dr and I can get this all worked out. Well, for now thats all, but be checking back in every few days and see whats going on..Hopefully all is well with everyone and know that each of you are in our prayers.

Sunday, June 29, 2008

New Experiances

Well so many of you said they didn't like the last color I picked my last blog. SO, hopefully this one is better. So, new exeriances....Nathan was dignoised with AD/HD which is Attention Deffiect/Hyperactivity Disorder. The doctor put him on 5 mg of Addreall and within 24 I'd know is he tolates the med and how they affect him. These meds keep him irrational and no able to focos and a little aggressive. I can't chance that if we up this med to 10 of more that it won't make the cons worse.ANd if its helping him to stay focused a little, to me its still no even worth it. So, I'm gonna call the dr tomorrow and give him the low down and hopeflly they put him on a different brand we'll see. I've heard alot of folks not able to have success with Adderell so well see what happends next. I have finals tomorrow at 1 and then I'm done with school till at least the fall. ASL 4. I'm gonna miss this rotuine. I luved being that kind of busy and now my busy will change to something else.Going out of town form the 4-28 so that will give me an oppurnity to change rotuines. The kids are excited.I'm just dreading the driving were gonna have to do to go to all the places I'd like to go on this ONE TIME vacation. Well, enough for now.....

Friday, June 27, 2008

Gettin somewhere

Nathan had his apt with the psychristriat today. He was erally nich and evualatued him and made to choice that Nathan has ADHD and through meds and Behavioraly Therpary Well have a major improvemt from whats going on now. Natallie still whats to play the Fiddle as good as the song the deveil even down to Gergia. WELL SEEE!!!!!! Nathan told the Dr today that he wanted to be an motorcycle man just his his popply and the he was gonna get his own bike soon and was ready to see it. Natalie just wants a horse. TO each is own.
Gatta go

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Things @ hand.....

Well, today went okay. I was able to get some things done around here and even get the kids up the pool for a few hrs. They had a blast.Nich has turned into a water baby. Whatever that means, but honestly he loves being in the water. And the bonus...He loves his life vest. He wears it 24/7 . Does not want to part from it. Nates Pshrinc appt is today. He hasn't a clue bout it but let me say that I'm go grateflu that this all worked out so that I could get some answers. I know it may take months or years to get the right answers, but at least i'm gonna be on the right path of figuring him out. Instead of waiting 10 years and its to late. Natalie wants to learn how to play the FIDDLE. You know the song -Deveil WENT DOWN TO GEORGIA!!! She wants to be able to play that way. So I incurraged her and told her to ask her dad and we could maybe try to see if there is anyone out there that gives fiddle leassons. not much else to say

Friday, June 20, 2008


Well, the suspense is over I finally posted those new pics I've been saying for a week I'd post. Like everyone knows Geoff has been out in the field and so I've really had to reason to be in any hurry since this blog is really for him...Sorry everyone. My mother in law just left here yesterday and I'm grateful for her help with the kids. I'm sure she's ejoying her peace and quite. Thanks Roberta for all u did for me this week the kids had a blast with Grandma. Nich can now say grandma or he says "nanma". So, a new word. My BFF Julie Watson is here now with her 4 kids and were lookin forward to tons of fun. Geoff should be in contact this weekend and were lookin forward to having him check in. Well, the kids are driving me crazy right now and need to keep them out of NICHS Room he's trying to get to sleep. Chat more laters...

Monday, June 16, 2008

Been Awhile

Well, I know its been awhile since I've written just had a lot going on over here. Updates.....Nates hearing checked out and thats not our problem. So, I've checked this off my list of things. The audiologist said that he had a small amount of clear fluid behind the ear, but its causing no problems with hearing. Its his allergys flushing through there. Points more and more towards ADD/ADHD. The social worker I took him too was somewhat helpful. She evualted him and ruled out a lot of different things, but came to the conclusion that it is one of two things depression or ADD. Tricare got us an appointment with a child psychistriat and our appointment is June 27th so I'll know more. Geoff is still on his mission and haven't had much of any communication here and there to let me know he's okay. Hopefully I'll hear from him on Friday. Nattie and Nich are doing well. They seem to be dealing with Geoff gone well. Nattie of course has her days when she's sad, but I just deal with it as it comes along. Some of the times this happens I've lucked out and Geoff has been able to contact us at some point during that day and it helps her feel better. I guess thats proff that Heavenly Father knows us and hears our prayers. He know just what she needs when she needs it. I'm in deed grateful. I just got Nich some new shoes today. I noticed the other day that there was a good size blister on his foot and that his shoes were a little small so I got him new ones. Its hard to find him shoes because he's pigeon toed and he needs special arches. I'm just gonna have to have orthodics made to fit his feet. Roberta is here this week and being a huge help while I'm in school these next four days. I have 2 weeks left and then I'll take a much needed break. I luv school, but the kids are really needing my attention and I expected that especially since school is over and were here 24/7. Haven't decided where or when our vacations will happen still a work in progress. Waitin on my parents to close on there house they just purchased in Tennessee. I'll have new pics of the kids posted this week. In no hurry with Geoff in the field. Update is now finished.....

Monday, June 9, 2008

Nathan: Update....

Today I was able to get Nathan an appt with a Social Worker. I have yet to understand why Tricare gave me the name of a Social Worker, but Gennie (my sister in-law) informs me that its not such a bad place to start. So, I have some hope left that all is not lost. She told me that she'll be able to give me a clue as to if he may have ADD/ADHD in 45 mins. So, that'll be nice. His ENT appt is still on Friday at 9:30 with his dr that put in his first set of tubes. I'm praying that by the end of the week I'll have at least some idea as to whats going on with Nathan. We were invited over to the Well's home for dinner and FHE tonite. It was nice to get to be around another family and eat at a dinner table. Geoff is away on another mission and he should be back to Camp Spann around the 20th or so. Natalie is doing really well considering that school is out and not having that stimulation. She's always kissing and hugging me and just needing that attention. ITs been nice too. As for me, I did back into someone on Tuesday and I'm still dealing with the insurance company with that. I know what your thinkin..."how did that happen?" It was must me that was in the car I had just dropped the boys off at Mckenizies house. And her driveway is really small and the roads are smaller. I didn't anticipate how long my SUV was and I cut the wheel as far as it would go and I still backed into her. It just dent her car. A perfect dent the size of the corner of my bumper. THis didn't phase my car at all. No dent or scratch. But anyway thats my week. I'm in the middle of midterms with my class and studying for that. Getting late here and need to go to bed.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Just another day

Well, today I got my referals to Dr Slaughter Nate's ENT that put his tubes in. I also got a referal to a speech therapist I'm thrilled about this one. Of course and as far as the phychologist goes for ADD testing I choose one I'm gonna call tomorrow and see when I can get him in and go ahead and start the screening for ADD and get an appt with the ENT. Do it all at one time. I'm anxious to see what happens with everything. Geoff is on a mission that has him away till about the 20th. So, I won't hear from him until then. Natalies last day of school was today and see was PROMOTED to grade 1 of couse, I never doubted that she wouldn't be. I'm gonna scan in her and the boys school pics and the 2 pics of Nattie I got today with her in ther graduation outfit and one with her teach Mrs Carson. They are both really good. Thank goodness I survived this week and this was my last week of using stay at home moms for sitters. The next few weeks will be my normal sitters in HS. And of course my mother in law will be helping out the week of the 21st. So, thats all for now.....

Wednesday, June 4, 2008


Well, its already June and almost 100 days into this deployment and boy and I thankful for that. This week has been filled with all kinds of chaos. School for me is going well and the distraction is great. We have had a sub all week. Dan is a great teacher. I'm learning so much from him. Pro. Bridges will be back next week and we'll see how that goes. I've been really blessed these past two week and was able to get stay at home moms to watch the kids while I go school during the day. School is out tomorrow for Natalie and that means my babysitter will be AVAILABLE and I'm glad for that. Today, was the day of all days....I pulled out @ the house I took the boys too and backed into a ladys car that she had parked on the street. The street was small and narrow and the driveway was short I guess I under estimated the length of my car. My car not a scratch on it and the little Honda Accord is dented on the right side. It suxs but I guess I'm due for an accident. Haven't had one in a while. Most of the time I"m going fast or get hit. THis time I was barely moving so thats positive. I've also noticed that Natan may have ADD. I took him to my doctor today and got referrals to an audiologist, pshychologist, ENT, and Speech Therapist. I want to get his hearing checked to see if tubes need to go in now and if this is the problem for the ADD like symtoms. Speech Thera. because nathan has a small speech impedament that can totally be corrected with some work. And of course the physocologist so that I can have him diagnoised.He has to be the hardest kid to deal with. He is extremely exhasuting and honestly I hope we get this diagnoised so that I can get him started on Meds or whatever so that he and I can survive this deployment. He is definaly making this time by myself double hard. Geoff is in denial because he doesn't want to think that he may have this, but I have to figure this out weather I like the outcome or not. I don't want him to have this anymore than Geoff does. It is what it is. Soon, we'll now the doctor told me that she was gonna put a rush on those referrals so that I could get the treatment started soon. Thats it for now....

Saturday, May 31, 2008

What can I say?

Well today was one for the record books. Today was our excursion to Ft Hood. We got arond and left round 10 and I decided to go through Liberty Hill and take 21, well little did I know I needed to go up to 195 and take it over. So, that started it off. 29 took me to 35n and I took it all the way to 195 and finally got to post round 1245 and of course went to the wrong gate that the passes are near and had to turn around and go up father to the other main gate. I got there and had to wait for 1hr to get my temp pass on post. Can u imagine? 3 kids in an office with I dunno 60-70 people waiting? I barely survived. I finally made it over to my MITT meeting. There were only 5 other wives there and of course they were ARMY wives that are stationed there at Ft Hood. Not real informative for me since I live in Austin. I was hoping that other wives that are on Geoffs MITT team would be there. The reason I got an invite was because Geoff deployed out of Ft Riley and this MITT meeting was for wives that had husbands that also deployed at Ft Riley. The meeting only lasted 45 when i finaly got there. It started at 12 and i got there bout 115. It was long day. The kids luved being round other military kids and doing crafts and talking with them bout there daddys being gone. It definately made Natties day. Our drive home wasn't that bad cause the kids took naps thank goodness. Well, Its late and I'm tired.....

Friday, May 30, 2008

Almost Saturday...

Today was full of fun things that we did. Since today was day 14 I had to take all 3 kids back to the DR for there checkups since the strep throat stuff. Natalie and Nich don't have strep anymore, but Nathan now does. Nich has fluid behind his eardrum so he's on an antibotic. They did a hearing test and it turned out ok so I"m hoping this will clear up and he won't later need tubes. Nate, well, he's speach is still questionable and the Dr put him on medicine to see if his speech isn't just constant congestion. So when we go back in 14 days we'll asses that and if it hasn't then were off back to ENT for tubes and a speech theropist referal since he didn't qualify for it through our school district. Natalie is finally well. I'll be glad when everyone is well and can take a break from the dr's. Last night, Nate slipped on the tile floor and busted his chin open. Luckily, I got the bleeding to stop so I didn't have to go stitch it up. He'll have a scar but all is well. Nich now can do thumbs up. Of course u say, Nich thumbs up and you get fists because he hasn't figured out how to just leave the thumb up. I'm done with the first 3 days of my ASL class and it is awesome. I luv my professorm, Byron Bridges, I'm learning so much. I'm hoping I can take him for ASL 4 in the fall. I had his wife for ASL 1 and 2 and I luved her. I'm luving the summer session because I go everyday 4 days a week and I use sign for 3 hours everyday. After this summer class I'm thinkin I'll feel more confident to auctually sign for the our church's deaf ward. We'll see how my confidence level is when this is all over. I finally got Nathan is own scooter. You know the ones that look like the RAZOR ones. He wanted the star wars one and he luv it. Now him and Natalie won't fight over the one and they can race. I also picked up a tee-ball thing and the boys are really having fun with that. I didn't know if Nate would take to it or not. I may be lookin to put him in T-ball in the fall when my life slows down. I know what your thinking, my life will NEVER slow down as long as Geoff is gone and your probably right, but I would like to put them in something extra to do for fun. Natalie's been hollaring bout doing gymnastics again and I'm thinkin on that.Well, its 11 pm here. The only reason I'm on here this late is cause I just got off the phone with my honey. He's doing well and is about to buy me a pershian rug. Now, what I'm gonna do with that rug is still unknown, but its the thought that counts. Tomorrow were going out to Ft. Hood. There having a training for the spouses and on site day care. I think it will do the kids good to get to be around other kids that have a parent deployed. This is just one of the reason's I hate not living on a post. Natalie really wants to go and has reminded me everyday since I told her I was thinking about going. She really wants to meet other kids like her so I guess I'm gonna make the drive down there. I'm excited for them......

Tuesday, May 27, 2008


Well, today was the first day of class. I have had nothing but craziness leading up to this day. From the kids, to getting my accommadations with school and worryingabout how strict my professor was gonna be this term. I dropped the boys off at the sitter and I raced to school. It was downtown so I lucked out on traffic and made it in record time. Of course at Rio Grande parking sucks and I drove around for 10-15 mins before I decided to park illeaglly in the rec center lot. Ran to class and I kid u not, Class was only 40 mins long. All that worry and stress for 40 MINS. I was shocked. We went over the syllabus and he dismissed us. However, I think this session is gonna be awesome. I'm impressed with Professor Bridges and had heard nothing but good things about him. I'm thinking this isn't so bad and I"m gonna do well. Natalie has been wanting me to paint her nails so I did that tonight and that made her night. She wanted them purple-red and they turned out nice. I'm happy to report that I'm having a lot of success with my new MEDS and think i've finally got it right this time. My dosages seem to be in the right spot and we'll see how this goes. Can't afford to have my MEDS all screwey. I pray no more adjustments will be necessary. We are all doing well and have made it passed the 100 day mark now we just have 17o ish more days. Time is flying for now, but the summer will slow that down i'm sure. Well, enough for now....

Monday, May 26, 2008

Bundle of nerves

Tomorrow is the day that my summer life starts. I chance to see if I"m gonna survive the next part. Dealing with the children longer and making mine and there lives co-exhist. Figureing out how to balance everything. It will work itself out. I know I have to take the chance one this class when I could probably be sitting at home helping my kids learn to deal with all of this. They've been so occupied with school that they haven't yet grasped the gravity of our situation. And for the duration. I was discplinning Nate today and he was smiling at me and gigling and I just looked at him and squeezed him real tight and told him that he looked so much like his dad. It helps me to be able to look at my son and see Geoff. A spitting image. And most people are probably thinking the same thing,too. Nathan is the only visual link I have to Geoff. Natalie looks like my mom and Nich looks like my dad. Its so weird that I can look through Nathans eyes and see Geoff looking right back at me expecially when he's smiling. Food for thought.

Sunday, May 25, 2008

And then there was SCHOOL.

Well, I'm going to summerize my happenings for the past week or so. I'm able to take my summer ASL 3 class and I'm so excited. I went to the disabilites office and gave all my new paperwork (504) stuff and they found a way to make this work and I get a break from MATH for 1 or 2 sem. I switched my certification to ASL studies which is ASL 1-4 and the Intro to Deaf Culture thats it. I need these classes anyway for my intrepretor prep stuff so its not hindering any time. Just might take 1-2 sem. longer to finish but if I can get a break from MATH its well worth it. And I get all the disability aids I asked for. (oral test and extra time, etc) I also got my sitters lined up I only have the last week of school to fill which is only 3 days. Thanks to the ladies in my church, my regular sitter Mel and my mother-in-law. I'm indeed grateful. Summer is HERE and preschool is over. What an adjustment this will be for the boys. Especialy with Geoff gone. Geoff did make it back to Camp Spann after a long 15 or 20 day mission. Which I'm glad so that our nightly calls can resume. THe kids missed talkin to him. We just got back from a small trip to my gradma's to visit my parents and i've uploaded our lasted pics so ENJOY. NOt much else to add. I'll update mores as our KAOS moves forward.....

Saturday, May 17, 2008

New Plan

I got my results from my THEA test. I made a 207 out of 230. So, enlight of my test scores Ive had to revise my life. I did, however, get my 504 stuff from the high school so that student disabilites could give me services. Not sure I even care anymore. I'm just tired of all the monotney of the whole system. So, I guess I'm dropping my summer class and going to take a break from school. Which means I probably won't go back. If the past predicts the future thats what will happen. I get lost and just get frustrated and quit. I don't think college is for me, but I pray that a new plan will arise. I have enclosed pics of my new TV and stand and I must say I luv it. My excitement was short lived when Nich drowned my satalite remote in my glass of lemonade. So now or at least until Tuesday I can't watch satalite on my big screen. I took the kids to the mall today to find Natalie a swim suit. Shes been begging me to get up to the pool. Finally, we found one she likes. She's entirely to picky. Of course, it was in the last store we looked and the kids were to the point of unbearable by that time but we all survived. I think I've about sumed up the past few days. I had a good Mothers Day. I went and got a Manicure, Pedicure, and wax my eyebrows. It was nice to be pampered. Natalie has a talk in church tomorrow about following the prophet and she is so nervous, but I know she will do well. Thats the past few days in review. I put up new pics so ENJOY!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Lost Dream....Maybe?

Well, school is not going well for me these days. I haven't gotten my results back from my THEA test yet, but I've been preparing myself for what could be distasterist. If past behavior is any indicator of what the future will be, I'll fail that test. I called the THEA office today and they said I should have my results back in 7-10 days which would mean I should know by monday. Lets just say that it doesn't look good for me. I've been trying to get assistance through the student disabilities office so that they can read my tests to me. The reason for this is my test anxiety. I do not standardize test well. So, anyway I took in with me this time a letter from my doctor explaining my diagnois of depression and anxiety and they said "sorry this isn't good enough" It was written exactly the way they told me it had to be when I went in there 2 weeks ago. I got my grade for my Elemtary Alg. class and I got an IP which is college lingo for IN PROGRESS. Just means that I didn't really "finish the course." I couldn't...The last 4 sections were on quaduatric equations and complex material. I explained to the advisor that my TAAS test, which is the test you have to take in Texas to graduate high school, I had to take 3 times. If i'd have failed it the 3rd time I'd probably just dropped out of school. Not even graduated. What would've been the point, the state would not have let me anyway. I got lost in the system then and its happening as an adult. My certification doesn't even require a math credit. So, if my THEA test comes back below a 230 I'm going to have to give up my dream of becomming a Sign Language Intrepretor. I'm having a hard time excepting that. I've thought about changing my direction choosing something else, but everything requires I pass a placement test. Which I can't do. The system isn't setup for me or anyone like me. It never has been. I just wanted to prove to myself that I could do this and once again it probably will prove failure. So to make a long story short....If the results come back bad, I'm quiting school. This will make for a long time here by myself with nothing to keep my mind off of being by myself and not having any help. School was my release. Anyway, thats that.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Got me to thinkin

Well, today was mothers day. At chruch the kids got to make these coupon booklets. You know the ones were u can put a service you want to perform for your mom or dad. I remember doing that for my mom. Anyhow, Nathan came back with his BLANK... He said that he couldn't think of anything he wanted to serve me with. I just asked him if he could behave for just one day. He smiled and said....MOM. So, I take that as a NO. Natalie is the sunshine in my day. She handed me her booklet and was so excited. She informed me that she wanted to read to me what she put. I told her to hold her horses till me got to the car so that I could pay her the proper attention. So, her first ticket....was she wanted to give me $100. I just smiled. I told her that was sweet, but to be able to give me that kind of money, I would have to give it to her and she give it back to me. She just laughed. Her other too had to do with giving me love and hugs. I enjoy that thought. Anyhow, my thinkin today has to do with the way I feel about going to college. With my future as a college student hanging on this one test, I have been thinking a ton. I don't think that this is fair that I have to take this test when my certification doesn't require a Math class. I feel that exact same way I did in school. Only now I'm grown and have a voice and still no one seems to care. I cant get any OSD help because I didn't take remedial classes in school, but have proof that I had the TAAS read to me to graduate. If I had failed it that last time, I would have never graduated and chose to drop out. Thank goodness I had this last option to have it read to me. I don't know what I have to do to prove to everyone that I suck at Math. I absoultly can't do it. I'm fighting battles that I thought I had over come years ago. What a let down..I have hoped for a long time to prove to myself that I can be a college student and now to have my disability hold me back and not be able to do anything about it. Alot to sort through with Geoff not here to help.
SO FOR NOW........

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Week Summary....

This week had a ton of ups and downs. I spent most of week studing for the THEA test that I took today. I took my last final on Tues and being done with school has been such a relief. I really didn't want to take another test that has nothing to do with my Certification was the last thing I wanted to do when I am no longer in class anymore, but I need to get out of this developmental math class. Taking 2 semisters of math has killed me. Stress is not even the word I could use to describe. But for now I get a small break. Hopefully in 2 weeks I'll know the score of my THEA test and this will be the answer to my prayers. On Friday, I forgot to pay my tuiton for my ASl 3 class this summer. Don't know why I forgot, guess because me and the kids had a lot going on. Friday was Natalie's field day at school and me and the boys spent 2 hrs outside watching Nattie do different activities. Nathan felt left out so I planned for him to have a play date with his BFF Jonathan. They had the best time. We only stayed for an hr because it was so dang HOT. Friday was Family Free Friday at the YMCA and so the kids got to go up for 4 hrs and give me a break. I could leave site and do what I wanted. It was great when u don't get a break often. I just came home and shampooed the boys carpent in there room. Should've done it when I did mine a few weeks back, but they were here and I was in a hurry then. Since they were gone I took the opportunity. Julene Slora stoped by my house fri evening and dropped by one of those take and bake pizzas. Geoff and I luv them!!! We discovered them when we lived in Washington and were sad to learn the Austin didn't have one. Anyway, she came by and informed me that Fri was Military Spouse Support Day. WHO KNEW!!! I sure didn't. I really appreciated her act of kindness. Today, was Parents night out at the YMCA and its $15 per kid and you get from 6-1130 so tonight I got about 4 hrs. I decided to go get a mani and pedi at the mall. I needed to exchange a swimsuit I got for Natalie so I just went for it. I really enjoyed being pamperd. My mothers day present to myself. As I was leaving the mall I got a call from Geoff. He called to tell my Happy Mothers Day. That made me feel special and sad all together. He thought to call me...., but he isn't here to smile at me or help the kids pick out a card for me. And most of all I miss his CRAZY cards that he always get me. So, this is one of the many times that I'll miss him most. I forgot, thanks to Gennie she re-registerd me in my class so that I am taking ASL 3 the first summer session as plannes. There was only 2 slots left when she did it, so I was lucky. I imagine I'll never forget to pay my tution again. Tomorrow is another day.........

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Finally Friday.....

Well, today was absolutely exhausting. Luckly the kids were all in school and I was able to have chaos alone. This morning I discoverd fire ants coming in through the peep holes on the outside of the house, So you ask were in the house were they in? The kids closet....So I freaked out and called ORKIN immediately and made an appt to get someone over here today. So I felt that I had made some progress before leaving. I had an eye doctor appt today and I optied to get contacts. Since the boys have in some form or fashion distorted or broken my glasses, contacts was my last option. I really like them so far. Seems I can see much better with the contacts than with my glasses. So I do a follow up in a week to see if I still like them or not and my prescription. The preschool had MOMS TEA today a 115 so of course I had to go.The kids had make crafts for the moms. And of course they were just adorable, next came the performance. The kids did a few mother songs then had some refreshments. I always enjoying going to things at the preschool. Later in the day Natalie had a Kindergarden Show off Night at 630 for just Mrs. Carsons class. Let me say the see rocked the house down. She shook scarves, and her butta and the chicken dance. SO CUTE!!!! In between what little time I have left I've bee doing laundry being sure the ants aren't in the clothes. Got it almost done I think 1 load left. Just a note.....In this blog I am extremely honest about how we are feeling. No beating around the bush. I put stuff out there so that issues arent swept under the rug.And its made me who I am and will be in the future. My meds are just a means to help me to take this journey sainly. I am doing fine...Ups and Downs but hopefully we all some of those days. The only thing...The orkin man reecked of SMOKE. L:ike he had been sitting right next to a valacona and it over whelmeme. So i think I can call and request another one.Well, tomorrow is field day at Nats school so I'll be up with pics tomorrow. and school shots came in so I'm gonna skan these in too.
Love and Happiness........................

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Shoe Day

Well, today was nothing special...I took the boys to academy to get them better shoes since Nich is pigeon toed and Nate has really flat feet. I got Nich some Nike's with really good arches and Nate some New Balance that he loves. He thinks they make him run faster than his spider man shoes. I thought for sure that I was gonna have trouble with switching his shoes, considering how much he is into super heros.I got my scores for my ASL 2 class. For the semester I ended up with a high B and not sure bout my math class yet. Sure I bombed it cause I felt my ASL class was more important since I don't have to have a Math for my cert. plan. I take the THEA on sat which is just a placement test so that I can test out of Developmental Math. And be TSI complete. Natalie has got the coughes pretty bad and so she has alot of allergy drainage. I'm thinkin I'm gonna take her to doc and see if her tubes fell out as well. Well, the much anticipated pics of my room update are now posted so check it out. I'm still working on it. My chester drawers and dressers are soon to be added. I got everything at IKEA and has to be assembled. Well, until next time.......

Tuesday, May 6, 2008


Well, tonight was the big concert I've been going on and on about in my blogs since I finally broke down and bought tix to go. Can I say that I had a blast. The show was awesome....I love her album and she sang all the songs on it. It was awesome to get to hear her sing them live. I just wish Geoff could've gone with me and it would have been much more memorable. The last time we went to a concert together was when we were dating and we happend to stop by the club and see Bowling for Soup. Of course, this before they became huge stars. And we totally had a blast at that one so I'm sure it would have brought back old times. Oh my how time flies. Can I say that school is OVER for me.....At least till May 27. I got into my summer ASL 3 class. Its only a 5 wk session so its gonna real fast be over probably faster. A lot going on with the school year winding down for summer vacation. Trying to get a reliavle sitter for my summer session. Geoff is away on a Huminatarian mission in Kabul for 10-12 days so we will have a communication break down till then. But I informed him that I would keep blogging so he would be able to keep up with whats going on here. In a 10 min conversation its hard to remember whats important to include in valueable time. The boys have a "MOMS TEA" at the school were they do a presation and serve snackes and Nate is so excited to sing and show me what he's been practicing. Natalie has kindergarden show off night as well. Each class has been working on something different musically and are going to present it to JUST the parents in a small setting. Shes so happy that she gets to sing but better yet I get to come up and see. Seems like I"m always at school. I'm going to go eat luch with her on Tues and that will make her feel special. Then with the boys on Thurs. We'll see how my crazy life goes to abale to keep this ideas going. My room is on its way to being done...Just assembling the dressers so in good time. I'll post the pics have of the remodel.
Night to All

Friday, May 2, 2008

Our Week

Well, this week was just that a week. I dunno, it had a ruff start, but I think maybe it finished on an okay note. I've had no class this week with finals on Tuesday so, i've had plenty of time with the kids. Geoff has decided to start calling in the mornings so that he can catch the kids before bed. So, for me that sux cause I'm still trying to make it out of my bed when he phones at 650 in the morn. The boys had a Dr visit today. Very informative...It seems that Nate's ear tubes has fallen out and will soon be needing a 2nd set. We think that this is the reason that his speech hasn't improved much. Dr. Kangos is getting us a referal to a speech therpaist since I informed him that our school distract will not offer him therapy. Dr reassures me that he wants to wait for Nates 2nd go round of tubes till Nov so that he can make it through the winter with no infections. This is good cause maybe I can hold him off till Geoff gets home in Dec so that I don't have to go through this surgery by myself with all the kids. I mean, at least it'll just be Nate and not both this time. I'll never do that again, even though it seemed like a good idea at the time. Dr Kangos thinks this is also why Nathans asthma has reared its ugly head. He put both boys on singular and Nasonex and Nate of course has his inhaler that he has to take 2 day instead of just once now. Nich has an ear infection that hasn't manifested yet but since he's on singular were hoping it keeps it at bay. So, thats reassuring for me. I also had the Dr evaluate Nich's feet which appear to be pigeon toed and he told me that he would grow out of it in time. Both boys are flat footed and probably would be a good idea get them both some better shoes for there feet instead of going to payless, so imagine that I'll be adding that on my things to do this next week. Natalie hasn't had much of an eventful week. She's getting to a point where she askes often when Geoff will be back, but I assume thats normal. She wants to carry around a pic of Geoff all the time so I'm going to give her one she can post in her foler and one that she can hang on her back pack. So, maybe this will help her to feel that her daddy really isn't that far away. I'm doing okay as well. I had the doctors up my medication because I've been having a crazy time adjusting to doing all this alone. I think I under estimated how difficult this was gonna be. Before Geoff left I had them up my meds because I was having a hard time dealing with the fact that he was leaving. Now he's gone and at times this all seems unbearable. I've cried a many a nights over being alone. I don't do alone very well. I think I've taken for grated being in a partnership and now its all me. Having to handle everyday life and still manage a marriage when your spouse is an ocean apart is one of the second hardest trials of my life. My depression being the first. I have a good support system here. I thanks heavenly father every night for my BFF Tina. She has listened to my blab and cry and vent so much these past few months. She's often helped me get my rational thinking back. Just like Geoff would do. So, no worries all is well here. Were just taking everything ONE DAY AT A TIME! Learning alot as we go....

Wednesday, April 30, 2008


Well, today I suppose was just a Wednesday around here for us. Busy and relflecting about the earlier part of week makes me grateful that Friday will soon be here and this week will be over. It seems that my sign class has did a 180 and turned round and kicked me in the butt. This always happens when I start to get a small smidgen of hope. Yesterday (Tues) I had scheduled lab time so I can go in and video myself signing the story "The Little Red Hen". You can only schedule 30 mins incriments for this assignment. I went in and finally made a clip that I could live with and the computer freezes and stops. No recovering the clip. And....I was just moments away from saving it but it hadn't let me get to that screen yet. BITTER is not the word I would be thinking right now. I freaked out. I begged for 5 more mins but it wasn't gonna happen. So I went up to my professor office and explained the situation. Geoff is gone no one to watch my kids this time I picked worked perfect with my schedule with kids in school da da da ...Well, she basically told me that she didn't care and that I had till 9pm tonite to get it complete. That the lab would be opened up again last night at 4. It was reserved until then. Needless to say that I was hot and botherd by this answer, but it was apparent that I had to put together another plan so that I could get this done. Luckly, One of my visiting teachers Nichole Wheylen agreed to watch the boys for 2 hrs while I drove into Ausitn. I hope she knows just how much see saved me from passing or failing which in this case helping me get into ASL3 or not. So, thanks Nicholle A TON!!! Before I left to head out to have these adventures The Relief Society Pres showed up at my door and they wanted to clean my house. I had mentioned that I wanted to hire a cleaning lady and Vicki wanted to help me get things in order so I could call and interview. I haven't had time to get that part of my life yet. So they came by to help me out and I'm still calling and looking through people it will work out. Today I bought Colbie Calliet tickets to see her here in Austin and Stubbs I am so EXCITED!!! Everytime I think of Collbie I think of Geoff. Her CD is awsome. I just hope I find a sitter so that my tik won't go to waste. I haven't been to a concert in a while but it read as if its gonna be nothin big just hanging out with the acustics. I guess sill see. The kids are doing well. I moved the little tykes house that was inside out and they love it, if not more so. I started moving this ugly furniture out tonight. I moved to 2 big dressers out and more to come along pics of you guyus. Gatta go to slwwp LUV TO ALL1.........Especially you my sexy soldier.

Monday, April 28, 2008


Monday...need I say more. Since everyone is getting this extra money from Bush, we've decided to get some new bedroom furniture. I am really excited because we currently have the furniture that my parents had when I was growing up. Its a matching set, but it is falling apart. Our dressers are no more and I was putting my clothes anywhere I could find a place to put them. Our room was definatly not a place that u would want to go and relax. So, I've been looking at what exactly I wanted to do in our room. I've looked everywhere on line...Roomstore, Rooms to go, Lacks, Havertys and last but not least Ikea. I found one set that I liked, but of course, Geoff doensnt' like it. Its a metal frame and he really doesn't like the contempory look. The problem with Ikea is that most of the bed frames do not allow room for box spring and we need one of those. But I liked the chester drawers and dresser that I found. I have since decided to....Hold on bessie.....TO MAKE OUR HEADBOARD. Just like an episode from Trading Spaces. I hope I haven't gotten in over my head but I am really excited about it. I've been researching what to do for a few days online and watched a video on U TUBE and it really doesn't look that hard. I got the plywood with the measurements of our current one and got the crown moldings that I want to add. All I have left is the fabric, badding and foam. I also looked at Lowe's for carpet and I found one that I liked too. Its a sand color and cushey...Its moderatly priced. Well, I'll keep everyone updated on how my project is coming. I'm moving out the broken stuff this weekend and getting our new mattress that I found at IKEA and I'll put it on the floor till the carpet comes and my project is finished. I'm sick of looking at the hideious furniture. I've got all our things in rubbermaid tubs so that Its easy to full with. Well, I need to do homework, but I may just go to bed.....Until then.....

Sunday, April 27, 2008

So today was a good day. This morning Emily Peterson calls me and asks how I'm doing. I tell her that I am extremely exhausted from the week and yesterday for sure that I think honestly that I need a rest day. It was raining pretty bad this morning as well and that getting 3 kids out didn't sound like a fun thing to do. She offered to come get Nat and Nate and take them to church with her today so that I could rest for a 3 hours. At first I didn't want to take her up on her offer because she has 3 kids of her own one which is Nichs age and thats all she needs is 2 extra kids, but then the idea sounded enticing. Nich is about to go down for nap which usually lasts about 2 hrs and by the time he wakes the kids will be back and I'll have had enough time to rest. Thank goodness for inspiration because lately I have felt like I was just gonna die. I'm about to call the YMCA and see if its to late to get my kids in that sitting time from 6-ll on Fridays. Its 15 bucks a kids but its worth it when your nerves are wearing then and your babysitter has a part time job as well. Well, On the 6th I'm hoping to get to go to see Colbie Calliet. Thats a Tues night, but its my last day of school and I need to celebrate that I made it through this semister with all of us still surviving especially since I'm hopeing to get in the first summer session which starts May 26th. So so far today has gone well, if anything worth telling happens I'll get on tonite and catch ya up for sure. LUV TO ALL......Especially my enduring HUBBY!

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Bear Fair and MY WEEK!

Natalie had a blast at Bear Fair. Its put on by the PTA for community. It was set up like a carnival They had this train that was made by 50 gallan metal water gugs and pulled by a little tractor. They got there face painted and tattooes and of course ice cream. Pics of this are soon coming. I got a new camera today so that I can put pics up here for the hubby and I think I'm gonna like it. I figured out how to take the pics off the camera but still playing with how to put them in my pics file instead of the kodak gallery. WORK IN PROGRESS. Lets see......I bought one of those no bake desserts from betty crocker in the cake asile. I know u know what i'm talking about. THis one was the Reese's one. I wanted it pretty badly. But can u believe that I messed it up. LIke four things to do. For the crust supposed to put 2 TBSP butter and 2TB water. I put 1 cup of water. Well my crust was watery. MY MIND WAS OBVISOUSLY NOT HERE!!!! That just puts my week in prespective. I'd have died this week if it werent for my BFF Tina. I think I called her a million times this week. She's totally got me through this week. Hopefully I can be there for her. Wanna here about my IKEA trip?? Well, On Fri, I went to look at furniture and everyone knows it takes 2-3 hrs to look through IKEA. Somewhere along the way I lost my KEYS!! Yes I said my KEYS!! I lost it. Thank goodness the Relief Society Pres. was home and she brought me Geoffs keys. And lastly, I've been missing my spoons for at least a week and got me thinkin what has happened to my silverware....Well, I made cheese toast a few days ago and guess where I found them?? In the bottom of my oven in the BROILER! Nich was saving them for a rainy day i guess. Well, this has been my week and I"m sure I'll have plenty more adventures in my future. Were all surviving and hope to be getting new bedroom furniture this next week and I'm SO HAPPY. Luv to all especially you my sexy HUBBY!!! LOL

Wednesday, April 23, 2008


Tons of reasons go into why this blog exists. With family and friends all over the country and Geoff deployed, I thought it about time to get the ball rolling on this new way of getting in touch with the world. I invite all of you to come on in and check out how our chaotic life as a military family is going. Geoff has been gone for almost 4 weeks. Thank goodness that all of us are staying so busy. If we weren't, time would be going by very slowly. Natalie is busy with school. Summer is going to kill her when she realizes just how long summer break is. Her not having any concept of time doesn't help my situation. Nathan is...well, just being Nathan. Not having his one male infulence here is making him test the limits and he likes to see just how far he can get. Recently we were told that he has mild alergy asthma. Nothing serious. He occaisionaly has cough attacks to were he can't breathe so he was prescribed an inhaler and its doing the job. The boys are still loving preschool and I think they would live there if they could. I enjoy the time as well. I recently bought one of those 4 wheeler power wheels and you can imagine I can't keep him off of it. Now, the baby. Nicholas is a force to be reckined with. He is going through a clingy stage where I can't even go to walmart with out having to hold him. I put him in a buggy and I get probably 5 mins and then he's screaming for me to hold him. I know what your thinkin this is where bribery would come in...Not so much. He will not go there. Its like he has radar and knows that game. By the end of getting things, I have held him the entire time and my hands are numb. It is what it is. This is my life. As for me, most everyone by now knows that I'm going to school to get my Sign Language Intrepter Certification. I may very well go ahead and get my Assoc.. but as for now my stress level is just wraping my head around the Cert. I love my professor, she's hard, but I'm learning so much. Changing professors next semester is gonna kill me. You build a repore with a teacher and change suxs. My professor only teaches up to ASL 2 so I have to finish up with a someone else. Such is life. I have had to go to quit a few deaf events this year. I have to go out to Texas School for the Deaf pretty often to observe for papers I have to write for my teacher. I luv the atmosphere there. When I'm there, its definatly affirming that I'm in the right profession. I get to signing, and I loose myself in what I'm saying. I try to make appoint to sign to the kids, expecially at church, but I forget that they don't understand sign. HOW FRUSTRATING. Thats when I realize I should've tought them sign when they were babies. Natalie is like a litte sponge she loves it when i sign. She's always asking, "Mom whats the sign for this or that." And I love showing and teaching her. I always sign when I'm listening to the radio. Its a great way to practive believe it or not. I work out at the YMCA 3-4 days a week, and while I'm exercising, I listen to my MP3 player and of course sign away. You should see the looks I get..., but I don't care its making me better. School ends for me May 6 and Natalie's in until June 5 so not much longer now. I am going to try and take ASL 3 the first 5 week summer session so that I don't have to take a long summer break almost 4 months. We shall see what comes of that. The kids are handleing Geoffs absence well, but alot could change in the weeks and months ahead. Check back in to see how thats going. I'm going to try and update this every other day but for sure weekly. Pictures of our busy lives are coming soon so check back. I'm wanting to buy a new camera so i'm up in the air about that. One that I actually know how to operate. Geoff's the only one that knows theother camera. Blog again soon........

Pic 2

Nick's preschool pics for "09

Nick's first day of pre school

Nick and Sam at the park

Nathan's first day of school

My Natalie

Natalie's 2nd grade field trip

Our latest Family pic

My little Man

She loves to Read


Look at that face

Luvin it

He loves his motorcycles...Thanks to POPPY!

Thumbs up

Natalies last day of First day

Hot shot

He luvs it

Finally got the nerve

Nathan having a blast

NIck ready to go

Madison, Nick, and Nate

Nick and Sam

Nathan and his bestest bud Jonathan

Nick after the water ballon fight

Nates preschool graduation


Sam and Nick in the baskets

Natalies b-day cake

That face..

My Boys

Look at them

Nat huggin the cow

Nat and Sam at the Childrens Museum


My Super Heros

Ladies First

Mini Batman

Trying to salute...

He luvs this helmet

Just the sunset

Just a sunset

Doritos anyone??


Pink Cheetah??

Me and my T-REX



Nathan luvs Poppys new Harley

The FARM life!!!

Touch a COW? I think not

Afraid of COWS? never

Nich luvs COWS

Nattie and Pappa

Nich on Pappa's 4 wheeler

Grandpa and Nate on the new TRACTOR

Look @ that LIP

Start of my OASIS

NEW TV!!!!

Nichs gift

Nates mothers day gift

Natties mothers day gift

My NEW bed!!!

My NEW bed!!!

Magic of the Cleaner

Magic of the Cleaner

My organized closet

My organized closet

Just the computer

Just the computer



Close Up

Hagin out

Lookin @ Daddys pics

Our BFF's Tina and sleepy Sam

With love to our DADDY

Just like Daddy

What a mess

Heres one for you DAD

His fist face painting

Wanted to something like dads, luckily it washes off..

Hanging out

Hanging out
she loved getting her face done

Neat Huh??

Neat Huh??
Choo Chooo

Bear Fair

Bear Fair
He conquerd his fear

Family Pics

Family Pics
The Fam

Ash Wedding

Ash Wedding



Nick at Party

Nick at Party

Nate Cake

Nate Cake

Nats Cake

Nats Cake

Easter 2

Easter 2
Just the TWO of US...

Nick Easter

Nick Easter

Nick Robert

Nick Robert
1 yr old

All of us @ Easter

All of us @ Easter


The Kiddos

See what a PERMANENT marker can do?

Isn't that MONKEY CUTE!



Kindergarden MODEL

Natalies art work the school had published