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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

OK peeps I know I suck at this blogging stuff...We've had minimal stuff happen in the Dennis' home since I last posted. Geoff has healed completely from his ordeal so thats good. Nathan graudated from preschool today and is officially a kindergardener. Oh me how time flies when your having just so much fun! Nich was complaining of ear pain yesterday so I took him into the dr and he has a busted ear drum so this is gonna be so much fun trying to get a liquid anitbotic down him and ear drops 3x a day. Natalie made a 100 on her flat stanley project so thanks aunt ash and uncle jared for helping her out. I got Aloe Vera plants for the end of the yr teachers gifts and they loved them. The loved decorating the pots and we potted them last night for FHE! Fun...School for me is out and waiting on grades to post and that is really frustrating. I'm glad too. Since were vacationing a lot this summer I'm once again taking the summer off. And will see what the fall brings when it gets closer. My Scentsy business is off and going and my launch party was a success. I had $431 in sales and thats great. I opened my business account last week and I feel very "official" now that I have one. I also ordered my car magnets yesterday to advertise and thats exciting. So if you need anything let me know. I luv the product. Wickless candles are amazing. Preschool ends on thursday and school lets out for natalie on the 6th and so my life will begin with all the kids home 24/7. I'll start counting down the days till the next school yr about mid july. LOL! The great thing with this summer is Geoff isn't deployed., YEA! At church they put us in this marriage and family class during sunday school and we are really enjoying it. We are learning so much and enjoy the teachers very much. We have a diverse class with people having been married from 20 yrs to 2 yrs and were bout in the middle with 8. Well, thats about it from our house and I hope that you all's house is well and know that your all loved very much.

Pic 2

Nick's preschool pics for "09

Nick's first day of pre school

Nick and Sam at the park

Nathan's first day of school

My Natalie

Natalie's 2nd grade field trip

Our latest Family pic

My little Man

She loves to Read


Look at that face

Luvin it

He loves his motorcycles...Thanks to POPPY!

Thumbs up

Natalies last day of First day

Hot shot

He luvs it

Finally got the nerve

Nathan having a blast

NIck ready to go

Madison, Nick, and Nate

Nick and Sam

Nathan and his bestest bud Jonathan

Nick after the water ballon fight

Nates preschool graduation


Sam and Nick in the baskets

Natalies b-day cake

That face..

My Boys

Look at them

Nat huggin the cow

Nat and Sam at the Childrens Museum


My Super Heros

Ladies First

Mini Batman

Trying to salute...

He luvs this helmet

Just the sunset

Just a sunset

Doritos anyone??


Pink Cheetah??

Me and my T-REX



Nathan luvs Poppys new Harley

The FARM life!!!

Touch a COW? I think not

Afraid of COWS? never

Nich luvs COWS

Nattie and Pappa

Nich on Pappa's 4 wheeler

Grandpa and Nate on the new TRACTOR

Look @ that LIP

Start of my OASIS

NEW TV!!!!

Nichs gift

Nates mothers day gift

Natties mothers day gift

My NEW bed!!!

My NEW bed!!!

Magic of the Cleaner

Magic of the Cleaner

My organized closet

My organized closet

Just the computer

Just the computer



Close Up

Hagin out

Lookin @ Daddys pics

Our BFF's Tina and sleepy Sam

With love to our DADDY

Just like Daddy

What a mess

Heres one for you DAD

His fist face painting

Wanted to something like dads, luckily it washes off..

Hanging out

Hanging out
she loved getting her face done

Neat Huh??

Neat Huh??
Choo Chooo

Bear Fair

Bear Fair
He conquerd his fear

Family Pics

Family Pics
The Fam

Ash Wedding

Ash Wedding



Nick at Party

Nick at Party

Nate Cake

Nate Cake

Nats Cake

Nats Cake

Easter 2

Easter 2
Just the TWO of US...

Nick Easter

Nick Easter

Nick Robert

Nick Robert
1 yr old

All of us @ Easter

All of us @ Easter


The Kiddos

See what a PERMANENT marker can do?

Isn't that MONKEY CUTE!



Kindergarden MODEL

Natalies art work the school had published