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Saturday, November 14, 2009

Life just is...

Well, things here are going great. Getting so close to Thanksgiving and trying to narrow down our plans and agenda. And I'm trying to decide what in the world to do about christmas this yr..I'm starting to feel the pressure due to the TV commericals and christmas tree things I see up. I think that '09 has flown by this yr and I'm not sure what all we actually did. I mean, we've enjoyed having Geoff home this yr. The kids are enjoying school. Natalie starts after school tutoring with her teacher this next week in Math and I'm super excited that this is happening. My worst fear is that my kids will get lost in this CRAZY system they call a SCHOOL system and they get forgotten about and then they fall behind. That happened to me...so I'm so thankful that my kids have teachers that are paying attention to signs that they may be having a hard time. Allergys have hit our family hard this season. I've recently had an ear infection this past week and it has been the most miserable week of my life. Nick has a ton of drainage as well and his little nose is raw. Nat and Nate are doing well for the moment. Were just glad that the FLU hasn't hit our family yet. Geoff is doing well in work and were so grateful every day that in this economy we have a job and a house. Heavenly Father is always blessing us. He teaches a Judo class on Wed. and that keeps him busy as well as his Cub Scout calling in church that keeps his Tues nights taken. He has had a bad neck the past few days due to sleeping on a horriable pillow. But he'll survive. Luckily one of the guys he teaches on Wed. is a chiropractor so he got right in. Well, this is whats been going on with us. Not much but just wanted to keep everyone up to date on us and I also posted a few new pics. Not sure why I keep this blog because most everyone I know has FB and can keep up with Geoff and I on there and I update my pics on there more often than I do here. So I guess I need to maybe lay this blog to rest cause I'm not really sure who keeps up with it. Until next time...

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Mini Van Mom

Well, today I went and looked at mini vans...I found a Kia Sedona that was fully loaded that I just luved...to bad I don't have 24,995 to drop on one just yet. It was a used "09 and it had 2495 miles on it..Can i just say SWEET! Its time to retire the trail blazer I think..It needs some work done and I think I need a change as well...I'm bout to pay my debt just about off and so I think budget wise it seems feeseable but were still doing the numbers. I just hate the fact of having 2 car payments. So. We'll have to see. Nick is still working on his potty trainning and the cars are some sort of motivation but not the icing on the cake yet. He luvs school and is doing well. Same with Nattie and Nathan. I'm trying to find something for the kids to do sports wise like through the ymca or whatever. I have a membership there anyhow. So we'll see how that search works out. I did well with my Scentsy biz this past month. I made $445 and can I say thats amazing. Savings it will go. I have 2 partys this month and if my mom gets more orders for Sept. then that will be 3. Doubt I bring home 445 again but $200 or so would be sure nice. Beggers can't be choosers I get that. I can see the blessing of this. I just need to figure out what I owe in tiths so far. I have totally slipped on paying it cause its been so long since I've paid it with my name..I put Geoff's name on our other since its his money. But...I'm gonna do it this month. Need those blessings for sure. Went to the temple on Sat and can I say it was really nice to be able to go with Geoff...Its the first time we've been together since before he deployed. So its nice to be able to sit in quite getting some clarity. Thats it for now..

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Been Awhile..

Well...I know its been awhile my peeps but I'm back in action with this blog. School is once again up and runnning and I have 2 happy kiddos. Natalie's teacher Mrs. Mccamnet is a doll and Nattie has really taken to her. This is her first year teaching so I'm intrested to see how she does. Nathan got Mrs. Carsen which is who we wanted since it was Natalies Kindergarden teacher. WE LUV HER! And she seemed just as excited to have him in there. Nick starts preschool tomorrow and is he excited or what. I told him last monday that he starts school next week and for a whole week he has asked me if its next week yet. So he's excited to use MEME"s back pack that she got just for him. Oh and his lunch box too. So with kiddos in school that leaves me here at home alone...what will a free girl dooo???? Well, I signed up to volunteer at the school and maybe be a room mom for the kids classes. I also have thought about getting a job since money is tight for now and just thinkin bout money makes me what to throw my guts up sadly. Let see...In july I went to Twicon and had the most fun meeting new people who luv the "Twilight" series as much as I do. It was extreamly unorganized so as for the conferance I won't ever do it again, but had the most fun in the hotel with the girls and going to all the concerts. I saw Bobby Long, Marcus Foster, and Sam Bradley and can't forget about 100 monkeys. So I'm a bad BL, MF, and SB fan. I think I went a little fan girl. Where still workin on potty training Nick but its not going well...hummmm I think I've bout covered it. Geoff i just busy working and doesn't really have alot going on...Until next time my friends.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

I know...It's Been Awhile

I know its been awhile...SCHOOL is OUT! And we are trying to find things to do to fill our days...so what does our summer consist of?? As of right now not to much..4th of July we'll be heading to Iowa to Scott and Ann's annual party they have every year. Scott and Geoff have been friends for along time and the last time we saw them was when Nate was 3 months old...so the drive should be fun. On the 20th me and the kids are heading to Huntsville to spend a week with the MEME and POPPY and can't forget Aunt ASH..they are way excited and I'm just trying to gear up for the long drive, but the visit will be well worth it I'm sure. I'm excited cause the "Garrett" family reunion is June 27th and Geoff and the kids are going to get to meet family they have never met before. People I grew up with..exciting. Good thing I've lost the extra pounds. Nate is doing good on his ADHD meds and let me tell you its saved my life. Natalie is really sad that school is out and looking forward to 2nd grade only cause of the structure as is Nathan..Geoff is doing good he's gearing up for High Adventure camp next week. He's the Varsity Coach for the scouts and he likes it. I'm doing good with a break from school. My scentsy biz is going well and I'm really thrilled with it and where its going. As for my future..I have no idea I'm taking it one day at a time. I'm constantly trying to find new books to read..I luv it. Well, I hope that you all enjoy the pics I've put up. And I luv you all and talk to you all soon.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

OK peeps I know I suck at this blogging stuff...We've had minimal stuff happen in the Dennis' home since I last posted. Geoff has healed completely from his ordeal so thats good. Nathan graudated from preschool today and is officially a kindergardener. Oh me how time flies when your having just so much fun! Nich was complaining of ear pain yesterday so I took him into the dr and he has a busted ear drum so this is gonna be so much fun trying to get a liquid anitbotic down him and ear drops 3x a day. Natalie made a 100 on her flat stanley project so thanks aunt ash and uncle jared for helping her out. I got Aloe Vera plants for the end of the yr teachers gifts and they loved them. The loved decorating the pots and we potted them last night for FHE! Fun...School for me is out and waiting on grades to post and that is really frustrating. I'm glad too. Since were vacationing a lot this summer I'm once again taking the summer off. And will see what the fall brings when it gets closer. My Scentsy business is off and going and my launch party was a success. I had $431 in sales and thats great. I opened my business account last week and I feel very "official" now that I have one. I also ordered my car magnets yesterday to advertise and thats exciting. So if you need anything let me know. I luv the product. Wickless candles are amazing. Preschool ends on thursday and school lets out for natalie on the 6th and so my life will begin with all the kids home 24/7. I'll start counting down the days till the next school yr about mid july. LOL! The great thing with this summer is Geoff isn't deployed., YEA! At church they put us in this marriage and family class during sunday school and we are really enjoying it. We are learning so much and enjoy the teachers very much. We have a diverse class with people having been married from 20 yrs to 2 yrs and were bout in the middle with 8. Well, thats about it from our house and I hope that you all's house is well and know that your all loved very much.

Monday, April 27, 2009


Well this has been a crazy week for us as well....Geoff had his Vasectamy on Thurs afternoon and life has been one big adventure since. He has handled the pain very well.. Just know that I didn't not make him do it.....It was completely his IDEA!!! And don't think for one second that I let him forget that either. LOL..He didn't go to church on Sun so our Home Teacher, Bro. Hansen, brought him some Choc. chip cookies. (his fav) That made yesterday a little better. The only thing that he'll be missing out on is JUDO!!! Lets see...I just started selling Scentsy...haven't had my big Launch party yet cause school has been nuts. I get out on the 7th and I can do my party shortly after that. Thats good cause I have a few things I need to stock up on before I do it. I just hope this is successful. I really prayed abou this and felt that this was a good decision for me. So, I guess you could say that I'm trying on a different hat. Very much out of my element. Summer's just around the corner and kids will be home for 3 whole months so its time once again to plan activities for them. At least, Geoff is home this summer and it won't seem like the time is passing much more slowly. With us being in a different season of our lives, I'm gonna take the summer off to see what happens. The kids are well...We've gone 2 days without the BINKY and Nich is doing rather well. Better than the first time I attempted it. Now on to potty training. FUN!! Natalie is doing well in school and is reading on a level 17 and her teacher adores her. So she's ahead of the class and doing well. Nate is just ready to go to Kindergarden as am I. We got a wii for christmas and he won't stop playing the thing. Batman LEGO is his favorite game right now. Well, thats about all I can think of for now. Update more later.

Sunday, March 1, 2009


Well, were all glad that March is here and Spring Break is right around the corner. These kids are geared up to go on our big camping trip to Arkansas. Sleeping in the bunk beds in our camper is having them jump out of there skins. Nate is wanting to go on a "bear hunt". Nats looking forward to doing some fishing with poppy and Nich is well....just ready to let lose out in the open without fences. Which means I'm gonna have to be super watchful of the little devil. His favorite phrase is "your getting on my nervous" I say it all the time and I guess the little guy caught on. Its the funniest thing cause he tries to be so serious while were laughin and that drives him crazy. Mid terms is this week and I have yet to begin my endevor into studying...don't worry I'm going to start tonight. So far I'm holding a strong B. ASL 4 is hard when u took a long break off last sem. Not sure I should've done that, but u live and learn. I'm loving Amazin Race this season so after that my studying begins. Not much else is going on here. Geoff is just working and he is officialy addicted to "FACE BOOK". Don't ask me why...Nats big thing right now is puzzles so I think were off to do another one. A beautiful horse. Well.........I'll write again soon

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Our Lives

So, everything here is good and hope that all is well with everyone. The kids at Valentine parties today and had a blast decorating there cookies. I stayed home and rented the "Secret Lives of Bees" and it was a really good movie. I cried and those who know me know that I'm not a crier...RiGHT ASH? My sis and mom has always said that I have a COLD heart cause I never cry at movies.School is going good except I have yet another Video Assign due. I have to write 10 different sentences and translate them from English to ASL..sounds easy right? Not so much when your a perfectionist when it comes to ASL and your self confidence is wishy washy. Natalie is wearing a skirt tomorrow so that she can wear her heart shaped tights that Grandma Dennis got her for her B-day and she's excited I doubt they last long cause she plays so ruff at recess. Were going to Katies house tomorrow to decorate cup cakes then off to Chuckee Cheese in the afternoon. I hate that place..its not the kind of place you take a kid with ADHD even if he's on meds. Nate just gets so overwhelmed, but with Tina there maybe it will be more pleasent then our last visit last month at his friends B-day party. Geoff is liking his new position at Camp Mabry and were glad that we didn't have to sell our house in this economy. Thats been a blessing. His boss is really great. He lets Geoff come home early on Tues and Thurs so that I can make my 4:30 class so thats been really nice. The boys are doing good growing like weeds and Nich talks non stop. Well, I need to get go and read...one of my many vampire novels. Love to all and blog again soon.

Friday, February 6, 2009

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Everyone knows that I just love the Twilight Books, right??? Well, my favorite Character is Alice Cullen and so for awhile now I've been wanting to get my hair cut like hers but just never braved it.....today I did. The pic of the after affect is my new profile pic so let me know what you guys think. Geoff likes it and so do the kids so I think thats good...as for me...I LUV IT. So much lighter and I think its gonna help my headaches I always used to get when I pulled it back. Not much going on here. Kids are good and were all healthy so thats good. School is going well. Had a my first video assign. due this week. I picked a Harry Potter scene to sign or Shadow. Shadowing is coping exactly what signer in front of u is doing. I had to memorize what he did and video myself doing it. It only took me 6 hrs. and like 75 different takes. My monday was some kind of fun. The kids were off Mon, Tues, and Wed, so it made for a long weekend. But all went back today and I got a break so that was nice. Hince the new dew. Well, I need to get off here. Keep coming back and maybe have something new. Luv to all..

Monday, February 2, 2009

Together Again

Haven't written in awhile on here, but have been told that I need to keep this current even though that Geoff is home...Well, here you go people. As I just said Geoff is home. He got home on the Dec 10th and we are so glad to have him back home. Adjustments are going well. School started up for me again and I'm takin ASL 4. Yes, I tried to attempt this while Geoff was gone and it became very overwhelming so I'm up for round 2 and looks like all is going to go smoothly. Especially now that I have a life back. Nich has his cast off and hasn't broken it again and thats a good thing. I'm being extra cautious now. Not that keeping him off things is working, but I'm trying. Natalie just celebrated her 7th b-day yesterday. Yes I do have a 7 yr old now and I honestly can't believe that. That just means I'm getting old. I see alot of myself in here and I'm not sure if thats a scary picture or not. I'll keep you posted on that. Our holidays went smooth and fast...just the way I like them. We got to see most of our family. I enjoyed getting to see my sis and my moms new addition to her house her dog CoCo Channel. The cutiest mini schenuser. The kids just went gaga over her and there looking forward to our big campout that mom and dads going on with us in March. A big part due to them bring CoCo along. Mom and Dad got us a Wii this year and Nate is loving it. I have to make him give everyone else a turn. His bowling avg is 187 and he's loving Pac Man he's kicking all our booties. Nat just got a ton of Lady Bug stuff for her room a new quilt etc that me, mom and Ash went in on. Once I get it all up I think it will be beautiful. I'm excited to get that up. Well, I hope this does u all for a few days and I promise if u check back here I'll post more.....PROMISE! Sorry to keep u all waiting, but to make up for it I'm posting a few pics.

Pic 2

Nick's preschool pics for "09

Nick's first day of pre school

Nick and Sam at the park

Nathan's first day of school

My Natalie

Natalie's 2nd grade field trip

Our latest Family pic

My little Man

She loves to Read


Look at that face

Luvin it

He loves his motorcycles...Thanks to POPPY!

Thumbs up

Natalies last day of First day

Hot shot

He luvs it

Finally got the nerve

Nathan having a blast

NIck ready to go

Madison, Nick, and Nate

Nick and Sam

Nathan and his bestest bud Jonathan

Nick after the water ballon fight

Nates preschool graduation


Sam and Nick in the baskets

Natalies b-day cake

That face..

My Boys

Look at them

Nat huggin the cow

Nat and Sam at the Childrens Museum


My Super Heros

Ladies First

Mini Batman

Trying to salute...

He luvs this helmet

Just the sunset

Just a sunset

Doritos anyone??


Pink Cheetah??

Me and my T-REX



Nathan luvs Poppys new Harley

The FARM life!!!

Touch a COW? I think not

Afraid of COWS? never

Nich luvs COWS

Nattie and Pappa

Nich on Pappa's 4 wheeler

Grandpa and Nate on the new TRACTOR

Look @ that LIP

Start of my OASIS

NEW TV!!!!

Nichs gift

Nates mothers day gift

Natties mothers day gift

My NEW bed!!!

My NEW bed!!!

Magic of the Cleaner

Magic of the Cleaner

My organized closet

My organized closet

Just the computer

Just the computer



Close Up

Hagin out

Lookin @ Daddys pics

Our BFF's Tina and sleepy Sam

With love to our DADDY

Just like Daddy

What a mess

Heres one for you DAD

His fist face painting

Wanted to something like dads, luckily it washes off..

Hanging out

Hanging out
she loved getting her face done

Neat Huh??

Neat Huh??
Choo Chooo

Bear Fair

Bear Fair
He conquerd his fear

Family Pics

Family Pics
The Fam

Ash Wedding

Ash Wedding



Nick at Party

Nick at Party

Nate Cake

Nate Cake

Nats Cake

Nats Cake

Easter 2

Easter 2
Just the TWO of US...

Nick Easter

Nick Easter

Nick Robert

Nick Robert
1 yr old

All of us @ Easter

All of us @ Easter


The Kiddos

See what a PERMANENT marker can do?

Isn't that MONKEY CUTE!



Kindergarden MODEL

Natalies art work the school had published