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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Mini Van Mom

Well, today I went and looked at mini vans...I found a Kia Sedona that was fully loaded that I just luved...to bad I don't have 24,995 to drop on one just yet. It was a used "09 and it had 2495 miles on it..Can i just say SWEET! Its time to retire the trail blazer I think..It needs some work done and I think I need a change as well...I'm bout to pay my debt just about off and so I think budget wise it seems feeseable but were still doing the numbers. I just hate the fact of having 2 car payments. So. We'll have to see. Nick is still working on his potty trainning and the cars are some sort of motivation but not the icing on the cake yet. He luvs school and is doing well. Same with Nattie and Nathan. I'm trying to find something for the kids to do sports wise like through the ymca or whatever. I have a membership there anyhow. So we'll see how that search works out. I did well with my Scentsy biz this past month. I made $445 and can I say thats amazing. Savings it will go. I have 2 partys this month and if my mom gets more orders for Sept. then that will be 3. Doubt I bring home 445 again but $200 or so would be sure nice. Beggers can't be choosers I get that. I can see the blessing of this. I just need to figure out what I owe in tiths so far. I have totally slipped on paying it cause its been so long since I've paid it with my name..I put Geoff's name on our other since its his money. But...I'm gonna do it this month. Need those blessings for sure. Went to the temple on Sat and can I say it was really nice to be able to go with Geoff...Its the first time we've been together since before he deployed. So its nice to be able to sit in quite getting some clarity. Thats it for now..

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