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Saturday, November 14, 2009

Life just is...

Well, things here are going great. Getting so close to Thanksgiving and trying to narrow down our plans and agenda. And I'm trying to decide what in the world to do about christmas this yr..I'm starting to feel the pressure due to the TV commericals and christmas tree things I see up. I think that '09 has flown by this yr and I'm not sure what all we actually did. I mean, we've enjoyed having Geoff home this yr. The kids are enjoying school. Natalie starts after school tutoring with her teacher this next week in Math and I'm super excited that this is happening. My worst fear is that my kids will get lost in this CRAZY system they call a SCHOOL system and they get forgotten about and then they fall behind. That happened to me...so I'm so thankful that my kids have teachers that are paying attention to signs that they may be having a hard time. Allergys have hit our family hard this season. I've recently had an ear infection this past week and it has been the most miserable week of my life. Nick has a ton of drainage as well and his little nose is raw. Nat and Nate are doing well for the moment. Were just glad that the FLU hasn't hit our family yet. Geoff is doing well in work and were so grateful every day that in this economy we have a job and a house. Heavenly Father is always blessing us. He teaches a Judo class on Wed. and that keeps him busy as well as his Cub Scout calling in church that keeps his Tues nights taken. He has had a bad neck the past few days due to sleeping on a horriable pillow. But he'll survive. Luckily one of the guys he teaches on Wed. is a chiropractor so he got right in. Well, this is whats been going on with us. Not much but just wanted to keep everyone up to date on us and I also posted a few new pics. Not sure why I keep this blog because most everyone I know has FB and can keep up with Geoff and I on there and I update my pics on there more often than I do here. So I guess I need to maybe lay this blog to rest cause I'm not really sure who keeps up with it. Until next time...

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