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Wednesday, April 30, 2008


Well, today I suppose was just a Wednesday around here for us. Busy and relflecting about the earlier part of week makes me grateful that Friday will soon be here and this week will be over. It seems that my sign class has did a 180 and turned round and kicked me in the butt. This always happens when I start to get a small smidgen of hope. Yesterday (Tues) I had scheduled lab time so I can go in and video myself signing the story "The Little Red Hen". You can only schedule 30 mins incriments for this assignment. I went in and finally made a clip that I could live with and the computer freezes and stops. No recovering the clip. And....I was just moments away from saving it but it hadn't let me get to that screen yet. BITTER is not the word I would be thinking right now. I freaked out. I begged for 5 more mins but it wasn't gonna happen. So I went up to my professor office and explained the situation. Geoff is gone no one to watch my kids this time I picked worked perfect with my schedule with kids in school da da da ...Well, she basically told me that she didn't care and that I had till 9pm tonite to get it complete. That the lab would be opened up again last night at 4. It was reserved until then. Needless to say that I was hot and botherd by this answer, but it was apparent that I had to put together another plan so that I could get this done. Luckly, One of my visiting teachers Nichole Wheylen agreed to watch the boys for 2 hrs while I drove into Ausitn. I hope she knows just how much see saved me from passing or failing which in this case helping me get into ASL3 or not. So, thanks Nicholle A TON!!! Before I left to head out to have these adventures The Relief Society Pres showed up at my door and they wanted to clean my house. I had mentioned that I wanted to hire a cleaning lady and Vicki wanted to help me get things in order so I could call and interview. I haven't had time to get that part of my life yet. So they came by to help me out and I'm still calling and looking through people it will work out. Today I bought Colbie Calliet tickets to see her here in Austin and Stubbs I am so EXCITED!!! Everytime I think of Collbie I think of Geoff. Her CD is awsome. I just hope I find a sitter so that my tik won't go to waste. I haven't been to a concert in a while but it read as if its gonna be nothin big just hanging out with the acustics. I guess sill see. The kids are doing well. I moved the little tykes house that was inside out and they love it, if not more so. I started moving this ugly furniture out tonight. I moved to 2 big dressers out and more to come along pics of you guyus. Gatta go to slwwp LUV TO ALL1.........Especially you my sexy soldier.

Monday, April 28, 2008


Monday...need I say more. Since everyone is getting this extra money from Bush, we've decided to get some new bedroom furniture. I am really excited because we currently have the furniture that my parents had when I was growing up. Its a matching set, but it is falling apart. Our dressers are no more and I was putting my clothes anywhere I could find a place to put them. Our room was definatly not a place that u would want to go and relax. So, I've been looking at what exactly I wanted to do in our room. I've looked everywhere on line...Roomstore, Rooms to go, Lacks, Havertys and last but not least Ikea. I found one set that I liked, but of course, Geoff doensnt' like it. Its a metal frame and he really doesn't like the contempory look. The problem with Ikea is that most of the bed frames do not allow room for box spring and we need one of those. But I liked the chester drawers and dresser that I found. I have since decided to....Hold on bessie.....TO MAKE OUR HEADBOARD. Just like an episode from Trading Spaces. I hope I haven't gotten in over my head but I am really excited about it. I've been researching what to do for a few days online and watched a video on U TUBE and it really doesn't look that hard. I got the plywood with the measurements of our current one and got the crown moldings that I want to add. All I have left is the fabric, badding and foam. I also looked at Lowe's for carpet and I found one that I liked too. Its a sand color and cushey...Its moderatly priced. Well, I'll keep everyone updated on how my project is coming. I'm moving out the broken stuff this weekend and getting our new mattress that I found at IKEA and I'll put it on the floor till the carpet comes and my project is finished. I'm sick of looking at the hideious furniture. I've got all our things in rubbermaid tubs so that Its easy to full with. Well, I need to do homework, but I may just go to bed.....Until then.....

Sunday, April 27, 2008

So today was a good day. This morning Emily Peterson calls me and asks how I'm doing. I tell her that I am extremely exhausted from the week and yesterday for sure that I think honestly that I need a rest day. It was raining pretty bad this morning as well and that getting 3 kids out didn't sound like a fun thing to do. She offered to come get Nat and Nate and take them to church with her today so that I could rest for a 3 hours. At first I didn't want to take her up on her offer because she has 3 kids of her own one which is Nichs age and thats all she needs is 2 extra kids, but then the idea sounded enticing. Nich is about to go down for nap which usually lasts about 2 hrs and by the time he wakes the kids will be back and I'll have had enough time to rest. Thank goodness for inspiration because lately I have felt like I was just gonna die. I'm about to call the YMCA and see if its to late to get my kids in that sitting time from 6-ll on Fridays. Its 15 bucks a kids but its worth it when your nerves are wearing then and your babysitter has a part time job as well. Well, On the 6th I'm hoping to get to go to see Colbie Calliet. Thats a Tues night, but its my last day of school and I need to celebrate that I made it through this semister with all of us still surviving especially since I'm hopeing to get in the first summer session which starts May 26th. So so far today has gone well, if anything worth telling happens I'll get on tonite and catch ya up for sure. LUV TO ALL......Especially my enduring HUBBY!

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Bear Fair and MY WEEK!

Natalie had a blast at Bear Fair. Its put on by the PTA for community. It was set up like a carnival They had this train that was made by 50 gallan metal water gugs and pulled by a little tractor. They got there face painted and tattooes and of course ice cream. Pics of this are soon coming. I got a new camera today so that I can put pics up here for the hubby and I think I'm gonna like it. I figured out how to take the pics off the camera but still playing with how to put them in my pics file instead of the kodak gallery. WORK IN PROGRESS. Lets see......I bought one of those no bake desserts from betty crocker in the cake asile. I know u know what i'm talking about. THis one was the Reese's one. I wanted it pretty badly. But can u believe that I messed it up. LIke four things to do. For the crust supposed to put 2 TBSP butter and 2TB water. I put 1 cup of water. Well my crust was watery. MY MIND WAS OBVISOUSLY NOT HERE!!!! That just puts my week in prespective. I'd have died this week if it werent for my BFF Tina. I think I called her a million times this week. She's totally got me through this week. Hopefully I can be there for her. Wanna here about my IKEA trip?? Well, On Fri, I went to look at furniture and everyone knows it takes 2-3 hrs to look through IKEA. Somewhere along the way I lost my KEYS!! Yes I said my KEYS!! I lost it. Thank goodness the Relief Society Pres. was home and she brought me Geoffs keys. And lastly, I've been missing my spoons for at least a week and got me thinkin what has happened to my silverware....Well, I made cheese toast a few days ago and guess where I found them?? In the bottom of my oven in the BROILER! Nich was saving them for a rainy day i guess. Well, this has been my week and I"m sure I'll have plenty more adventures in my future. Were all surviving and hope to be getting new bedroom furniture this next week and I'm SO HAPPY. Luv to all especially you my sexy HUBBY!!! LOL

Wednesday, April 23, 2008


Tons of reasons go into why this blog exists. With family and friends all over the country and Geoff deployed, I thought it about time to get the ball rolling on this new way of getting in touch with the world. I invite all of you to come on in and check out how our chaotic life as a military family is going. Geoff has been gone for almost 4 weeks. Thank goodness that all of us are staying so busy. If we weren't, time would be going by very slowly. Natalie is busy with school. Summer is going to kill her when she realizes just how long summer break is. Her not having any concept of time doesn't help my situation. Nathan is...well, just being Nathan. Not having his one male infulence here is making him test the limits and he likes to see just how far he can get. Recently we were told that he has mild alergy asthma. Nothing serious. He occaisionaly has cough attacks to were he can't breathe so he was prescribed an inhaler and its doing the job. The boys are still loving preschool and I think they would live there if they could. I enjoy the time as well. I recently bought one of those 4 wheeler power wheels and you can imagine I can't keep him off of it. Now, the baby. Nicholas is a force to be reckined with. He is going through a clingy stage where I can't even go to walmart with out having to hold him. I put him in a buggy and I get probably 5 mins and then he's screaming for me to hold him. I know what your thinkin this is where bribery would come in...Not so much. He will not go there. Its like he has radar and knows that game. By the end of getting things, I have held him the entire time and my hands are numb. It is what it is. This is my life. As for me, most everyone by now knows that I'm going to school to get my Sign Language Intrepter Certification. I may very well go ahead and get my Assoc.. but as for now my stress level is just wraping my head around the Cert. I love my professor, she's hard, but I'm learning so much. Changing professors next semester is gonna kill me. You build a repore with a teacher and change suxs. My professor only teaches up to ASL 2 so I have to finish up with a someone else. Such is life. I have had to go to quit a few deaf events this year. I have to go out to Texas School for the Deaf pretty often to observe for papers I have to write for my teacher. I luv the atmosphere there. When I'm there, its definatly affirming that I'm in the right profession. I get to signing, and I loose myself in what I'm saying. I try to make appoint to sign to the kids, expecially at church, but I forget that they don't understand sign. HOW FRUSTRATING. Thats when I realize I should've tought them sign when they were babies. Natalie is like a litte sponge she loves it when i sign. She's always asking, "Mom whats the sign for this or that." And I love showing and teaching her. I always sign when I'm listening to the radio. Its a great way to practive believe it or not. I work out at the YMCA 3-4 days a week, and while I'm exercising, I listen to my MP3 player and of course sign away. You should see the looks I get..., but I don't care its making me better. School ends for me May 6 and Natalie's in until June 5 so not much longer now. I am going to try and take ASL 3 the first 5 week summer session so that I don't have to take a long summer break almost 4 months. We shall see what comes of that. The kids are handleing Geoffs absence well, but alot could change in the weeks and months ahead. Check back in to see how thats going. I'm going to try and update this every other day but for sure weekly. Pictures of our busy lives are coming soon so check back. I'm wanting to buy a new camera so i'm up in the air about that. One that I actually know how to operate. Geoff's the only one that knows theother camera. Blog again soon........

Pic 2

Nick's preschool pics for "09

Nick's first day of pre school

Nick and Sam at the park

Nathan's first day of school

My Natalie

Natalie's 2nd grade field trip

Our latest Family pic

My little Man

She loves to Read


Look at that face

Luvin it

He loves his motorcycles...Thanks to POPPY!

Thumbs up

Natalies last day of First day

Hot shot

He luvs it

Finally got the nerve

Nathan having a blast

NIck ready to go

Madison, Nick, and Nate

Nick and Sam

Nathan and his bestest bud Jonathan

Nick after the water ballon fight

Nates preschool graduation


Sam and Nick in the baskets

Natalies b-day cake

That face..

My Boys

Look at them

Nat huggin the cow

Nat and Sam at the Childrens Museum


My Super Heros

Ladies First

Mini Batman

Trying to salute...

He luvs this helmet

Just the sunset

Just a sunset

Doritos anyone??


Pink Cheetah??

Me and my T-REX



Nathan luvs Poppys new Harley

The FARM life!!!

Touch a COW? I think not

Afraid of COWS? never

Nich luvs COWS

Nattie and Pappa

Nich on Pappa's 4 wheeler

Grandpa and Nate on the new TRACTOR

Look @ that LIP

Start of my OASIS

NEW TV!!!!

Nichs gift

Nates mothers day gift

Natties mothers day gift

My NEW bed!!!

My NEW bed!!!

Magic of the Cleaner

Magic of the Cleaner

My organized closet

My organized closet

Just the computer

Just the computer



Close Up

Hagin out

Lookin @ Daddys pics

Our BFF's Tina and sleepy Sam

With love to our DADDY

Just like Daddy

What a mess

Heres one for you DAD

His fist face painting

Wanted to something like dads, luckily it washes off..

Hanging out

Hanging out
she loved getting her face done

Neat Huh??

Neat Huh??
Choo Chooo

Bear Fair

Bear Fair
He conquerd his fear

Family Pics

Family Pics
The Fam

Ash Wedding

Ash Wedding



Nick at Party

Nick at Party

Nate Cake

Nate Cake

Nats Cake

Nats Cake

Easter 2

Easter 2
Just the TWO of US...

Nick Easter

Nick Easter

Nick Robert

Nick Robert
1 yr old

All of us @ Easter

All of us @ Easter


The Kiddos

See what a PERMANENT marker can do?

Isn't that MONKEY CUTE!



Kindergarden MODEL

Natalies art work the school had published